1954 East German general election

General elections were held in East Germany on 17 October 1954. It was the second election to the Volkskammer, which had 466 deputies; due to the four-power status of the city of Berlin, the 66 deputies from East Berlin were indirectly appointed by the East Berlin magistrate.

1954 East German general election

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All 466 seats in the Volkskammer
Turnout98.41% (Decrease 0.09pp)
  First party
  Fotothek df pk 0000079 077.jpg
Leader Walter Ulbricht
Party SED
Alliance National Front
Leader since 25 July 1950
Seats won 117
Seat change Increase 7

Chairman of the Council of Ministers before election

Otto Grotewohl

Chairman of the Council of Ministers after election

Otto Grotewohl

As the country was a de facto one-party state, voters only had the option of approving or rejecting a single list of candidates from the National Front, dominated by the Communist Socialist Unity Party of Germany. The list received the approval of 99.46% of voters, with turnout reported to be 98.5%.[1]


Party or allianceVotes%Seats+/–
National FrontSocialist Unity Party of Germany11,828,87799.46117+7
Free German Trade Union Federation53+4
Christian Democratic Union52–15
Liberal Democratic Party of Germany52–14
National Democratic Party of Germany52+17
Democratic Farmers' Party of Germany52+19
Democratic Women's League of Germany29+9
Free German Youth29+4
Cultural Association of the GDR18–6
Peasants Mutual Aid Association120
Against and invalid63,9720.54
Total votes11,892,849
Registered voters/turnout12,085,38098.41
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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