1950 Brisbane Carnival

The 1950 Brisbane Carnival was the 11th edition of the Australian National Football Carnival, an Australian rules football interstate competition. It was the first carnival to be hosted in Queensland.

Rain was a constant throughout the carnival and as a result most games were held on a soggy Brisbane Exhibition Ground. Several of the matches were played at night using a white ball.

Section A consisted of the usual big three teams, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. The Tasmanian team joined them, having qualified through winning Section B of the 1947 Carnival and a team representing the VFA competed in the top section for the first time, as they were now full members of the Australian National Football Council. The VFA defeated South Australia by eight points in what was the biggest upset of the tournament. The VFA finished last in Section A, and as a result played Section B winners the Australian Amateurs in a play-off on July 15, 1951 to qualify for Section A at the next carnival in 1953.[1]

Victoria finished the carnival unbeaten to claim the Championship.


Tassie MedalEdit

Ranking Player Votes Team
1 Terry Cashion 8 Tasmania
2 Don Fraser 6 Victoria
3 Bob Hank 5 South Australia
4 Bill Hutchsion 4 Victoria
Les McClements 4 Western Australia


Ranking Player Goals Team
1 Bob Parsons 14 Tasmania
2 Bill Hutchsion 12 Victoria
3 Allan Ruthven 11 Victoria
4 Jim Conway 10 Western Australia
Les McClements 10 Western Australia


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