1949 Victorian Legislative Council election

Elections were held in the Australian state of Victoria on Saturday 18 June 1949 to elect 17 of the 34 members of the state's Legislative Council for six year terms. MLCs were elected in single-member provinces using preferential voting.


Legislative CouncilEdit

Victorian Legislative Council election, 18 June 1949[1]
Legislative Council
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Enrolled voters 550,472
Votes cast 262,393 Turnout 47.7 −8.6
Informal votes 3,841 Informal 1.5 −0.5
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes % Swing Seats
  Liberal and Country 111,368 43.1 −3.1 9 18
  Country 70,772 27.4 +14.0 4 4
  Labor 56,831 22.0 +0.1 4 8
  Other 19,581 7.6 −10.9 0 −1
Total 258,552     17 34

Retiring MembersEdit

Sir George Goudie (Country, North Western) had died prior to the election; no by-election was held.


Liberal and CountryEdit


Sitting members are shown in bold text. Successful candidates are highlighted in the relevant colour. Where there is possible confusion, an asterisk (*) is also used.

Province Held by Labor candidates LCP candidates Country candidates Other candidates
Ballarat LCP Herbert Ludbrook George Stewart Nathaniel Callow (Ind)
Bendigo Country John Lienhop Allen Brownbill
Doutta Galla Labor Bill Slater Denzil Don (Ind)
East Yarra LCP Ewen Cameron
Gippsland Country Eric Bawden William MacAulay
Higinbotham LCP James Kennedy
Melbourne Labor Fred Thomas John Eddy
Melbourne North Independent John Galbally Likely McBrien (Ind)
Melbourne West Labor Les Coleman
Monash LCP Sir Frank Clarke Percy Joske (Ind)
Northern Country John Gorton George Tuckett
North Eastern Country James Tilson Percival Inchbold
North Western Country Hugh Paton Colin McNally
Southern LCP Gilbert Chandler
South Eastern LCP Charles Gartside Frank Moore
South Western LCP Gordon McArthur John Carr (Ind)
John Horne (Ind)
Western Ind Liberal Hugh MacLeod Sylvester Dawson

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