1949 Chilean parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Chile on 6 March 1949.[1] Although the Social Christian Conservative Party received the most votes in the Senate elections, the Liberal Party won the most seats, whilst the Radical Party remained the largest party in the Chamber of Deputies.

Electoral systemEdit

The term length for Senators was eight years, with around half of the Senators elected every four years. This election saw 20 of the 45 Senate seats up for election.[2]


Having won 15 seats in the Chamber of Deputies in the 1945 elections, the Communist Party was banned in 1948.[3]



Social Christian Conservative Party55,82522.283
Liberal Party42,93017.136
Agrarian Labor Party42,23016.853
Radical Party42,12516.815
Authentic Socialist Party15,3186.110
Radical Democracy10,4454.171
Democratic Party9,2523.690
Popular Socialist Party8,7723.501
Radical Doctrinaire Party8,6133.440
Socialist Party6,8182.720
Progressive Liberal Party6,0022.400
National Falange2,2220.891
Valid votes250,55299.07
Invalid/blank votes2,3510.93
Total votes252,903100.00
Registered voters/turnout316,18679.99
Source: Nohlen

Chamber of DeputiesEdit

Radical Party100,86921.7034–5
Social Christian Conservative Party98,11821.1131–5
Liberal Party83,58217.9833+2
Agrarian Labor Party38,7428.3314+11
Radical Democracy23,2485.008New
Popular Socialist Party22,6314.876New
Democratic Party20,6824.4560
National Falange18,2213.9230
Socialist Party15,6763.375–1
People's Democratic Party8,5361.841New
Traditionalist Conservative Party7,4851.612New
Progressive Liberal Party6,4311.382–1
Authentic Socialist Party5,1251.101–2
Laborista Party5,1051.101
Radical Doctrinaire Party4,4240.95
Social Christian Movement2,0180.43
Democrat Party1,9940.430–1
Chilean Renovating Action1,9850.430New
Valid votes464,87298.83
Invalid/blank votes5,5041.17
Total votes470,376100.00
Registered voters/turnout591,99479.46
Source: Nohlen


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