1948 Tel Aviv bus station bombing

On May 18, 1948, the Egyptian Air Force bombed the Old Tel Aviv central bus station four days after Israel declared independence, killing 42 people.

Bombing of the Tel Aviv central bus station
Part of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War
LocationOld Tel Aviv central bus station
DateMay 19, 1948
Attack type
PerpetratorEgyptian Air Force

The attack occurred during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War amid a bombing campaign by Egyptian forces in Tel Aviv that killed 150 people in total.[1] The bombing occurred on May 18 when Egyptian C-47s launched an attack on the bus station, which was crowded with passengers at the time.[2][3] The Palestine Post reported a "50-pound fragmentation bomb" shook the building.[2] 42 people died in total, including four members of the Dan Bus Company.[3] Over 100 people were injured.[4]

The bus station was significantly damaged by the explosion, which was also the deadliest attack of its kind by the Egyptian Air Force.[1] Many Israelis, especially residents of Tel Aviv, were outraged by the incident and called for the Israeli Air Force to bomb Egypt in retaliation. The bombing also convinced many pilots, including Lou Lenart, to join the war on behalf of Israel.[5][4]

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