1946 United States Senate election in Mississippi

The 1946 United States Senate election in Mississippi was held on November 3, 1946. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Theodore G. Bilbo won re-election to his third term.

1946 U.S. Senate Democratic primary in Mississippi
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← 1940 July 2, 1946 1947 (special) →
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Nominee Theodore G. Bilbo Tom Ellis
Party Democratic Democratic
Popular vote 97,820 58,005
Percentage 51.00% 30.24%

  RossACollins.jpg 3x4.svg
Nominee Ross A. Collins Nelson T. Levings
Party Democratic Democratic
Popular vote 18,875 15,720
Percentage 9.84% 8.20%

U.S. senator before election

Theodore G. Bilbo

Elected U.S. Senator

Theodore G. Bilbo

Because Bilbo was unopposed in the general election, his victory in the July 2 primary was tantamount to election. He defeated a field of candidates with 51% of the vote.

However, the United States Senate, with a Republican majority and at the request of liberal Democratic Senator Glen H. Taylor of Idaho, refused to seat Bilbo based on his adamant opposition to voting rights for black Americans anywhere in the country, incitement of violence against those blacks who tried to vote, and history of accepting bribes. While his re-entry to the Senate was being contested in 1947, Bilbo died of oral cancer.

Democratic primaryEdit


  • Theodore G. Bilbo, incumbent Senator since 1935
  • Ross A. Collins, former U.S. Representative from Meridian and candidate for Senate in 1934
  • Tom Ellis
  • Frank H. Harper
  • Nelson T. Levings, investment banker


1946 Democratic U.S. Senate primary[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Theodore G. Bilbo (incumbent) 97,820 51.00%
Democratic Tom Ellis 58,005 30.24%
Democratic Ross A. Collins 18,875 9.84%
Democratic Nelson T. Levings 15,720 8.20%
Democratic Frank H. Harper 1,386 0.72%
Total votes 191,806 100.00%

General electionEdit


1946 U.S. Senate election in Mississippi[2][3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Theodore G. Bilbo (incumbent) 46,747 100.00%  
Total votes 46,747 100.00%

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