1944 All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship

The 1944 All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship was the high point of the 1944 season in Camogie. The championship was won by Dublin, who defeated Antrim by a 17-point margin in the final.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Gate receipts were £211.

All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship 1944
Championship Details
All Ireland Champions
Winners Dublin (7th title)
Captain Doreen Rogers
All-Ireland Runners-up
Runners-up Antrim
Marcella Quinn
Matches played 2


The altercation with Dublin over the ban on hockey players re-emerged in 1943 and was compounded by another with Cork over male officials and they withdrew from the Camogie Association. In the absence of Cork, Clare defeated Waterford 3–1 to 3–0 in the Munster final to win their first Munster championship. They failed to score against Dublin in the semi-final while a late goal from Bridie O'Neill gave Antrim a semi-final victory over Galway.


The weekend before the final Dublin travelled to Cork, who had not participated in the championship, and were defeated 3–0 to 1–3. This raised questions about the validity of the championship, as well as Dublin's legality for having played an unaffiliated team. Bishop of Down and Connor, Daniel Mageean threw in the ball between Dublin and Antrim in final.

Final stagesEdit

Dublin8–7 – 0–0Clare

Antrim3–2 – 2–2Galway

Dublin5–4 –0–0Antrim
GK 1 Bríd Kenny (Col San Dominic)
FB 2 Rose Martin (Austin Stacks)
RWB 3 Patty Kenny (Col San Dominic)
CB 4 Rose Fletcher (Scoil Bríghde)
LWB 5 Sheila McMahon (Austin Stacks)
MF 6 Carmel Keogh (GSR)
MF 7 Kathleen Cody (GSR) (2–2)
MF 8 Kathleen Mills (GSR)
RWF 9 Īde O'Kiely (UCD) (1–0)
CF 10 Elizabeth Mulcahy (UCD) (0–2)
LWF 11 Doreen Rogers (Austin Stacks) (2–0)
FF 12 Maura Moore (Optimists)
GK 1 Patsy Smith
FB 2 Marcella Quinn
RWB 3 Betty Stafford
CB 4 Moya Branigan
LWB 5 Bridie Murray
MF 6 Marie O'Gorman
MF 7 Claire McDermott
MF 8 Winnie Storey
RWF 9 Bridie O'Neill
CF 10 Mavis Madden
LWF 11 Claire Marshall
FF 12 Sue McKeown
Match Rules
  • 50 minutes
  • Replay if scores level
  • Maximum of 3 substitutions

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