1944–45 Panhellenic Championship

The 1944–45 Panhellenic Championship was supposed to be the first top division tournament to take place after the WW2, but in the end it was not held, due to the big delay and eventual abandonment of the Athenian championship. Greece was liberated, so the HFF made the decision to start the regional championships again. The Athenian championship started with the participation of 8 teams, but was not completed because of disputes between Panathinaikos' and Athenian Association over the illegal usage of one of Panionios' players, Giannakakos, in April 1945. As a result, Panathinaikos was expelled from the championship and had a 15-day ban from any sports activity, according to the decision made by the Athenian Association and HFF. Panathinaikos was not keen on the decision, so he refused to participate in any official competition of that season. The championship started with a big delay, in October 1945 and ended in mid-December, when it was abandoned.

Panhellenic Championship

A tournament called "Freedom Cup"[1] started on April 1945 with a format of 2 groups of a total of 14 teams from Athens and Piraeus. Eventually, the tournament failed to finish in July 1945, because the finals of both groups were not able to be completed for various reasons,[2] so the titles were not awarded, as provided in the announcement of the tournament.[3][4] The point system was: Win: 3 points - Draw: 2 points - Loss: 1 point.

Qualification RoundEdit

Athens Football Clubs AssociationEdit

Pos Team Pld GF GA GD Pts
1 AEK Athens 6 30 5 +25 17
2 Fostiras 6 13 11 +2 14
3 Enosi Pangrati 6 11 13 -2 12
4 Panionios 6 16 13 +3 11
5 Atlas Thymarakia 6 8 15 -7 10
6 Olympiacos Athens 6 8 31 -23 8

Panathinaikos refused to participate in the championship due to previous disputes with the Athenian Associaton. 5 other teams joined with them: Apollon Athens, Atromitos, Athinaikos, Asteras Athens and Arion Kolonaki. The Athenian Associaton replaced those teams in order for the championship to take place. The championship started in October 1945. After the start of the second round, in December, Panathinaikos solved their differences with the Athenian Associaton and decided to return to the championship, along with the other 5 clubs. Howerver, the championship was abandoned due to the delay in getting it restarted, as the Athenian Associaton deemed there was insufficient time for the competition to be completed.

Piraeus Football Clubs AssociationEdit

Not played.

Macedonia Football Clubs AssociationEdit

Not played.

Final RoundEdit

Not held.

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