1939 Danish Landsting election

Landsting elections were held in Denmark on 14 April 1939,[1] with the exception that the electors that elected the candidates standing in the constituencies were elected on 3 April.[2]

As the election followed a dissolution of both chambers in order to call a referendum on changing the constitution, the seats of all seven constituencies as well as the seats elected by the parliament were up for election.

The referendum was held on 23 May but failed due to a low voter turnout.


WonNot upTotal+/–
Social Democratic Party509,13241.4327835+4
Conservative People's Party236,07519.219413–2
Danish Social Liberal Party124,92510.17628+1
Free People's Party35,8352.92101+1
Communist Party of Denmark19,9341.62000New
National Socialist Workers' Party15,8891.290000
Justice Party of Denmark18,1291.480000
Schleswig Party11,1220.910000
National Cooperation7,0870.58000New
Danish Unity2,3170.19000New
Faroese representatives1010
Source: Wendt,[1] Nordengaard[2]


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