1936 Venezuelan presidential election

The 1936 Venezuelan presidential election was held in Venezuela on 28 April 1936, to elect the successor of deceased President of Venezuela Juan Vicente Gómez. This presidential election was indirect, that is, the voters were the deputies and senators of the Congress of Venezuela. The winner on this day was provisional president Eleazar López Contreras with 121 votes, 98.37% of the seats in the Congress, who was elected as president for the 1936–1943 constitutional period.

1936 Venezuelan presidential election

← 1931 25 April 1936 1941 →
Nominee Eleazar López Contreras Néstor Luis Pérez [es]
Party Independent Independent
Percentage 98.37% 0.81%

President before election

Eleazar López Contreras

Elected President

Eleazar López Contreras


Juan Vicente Gómez (left) and Eleazar López Contreras (right) in Maracay, 1934.
Cabinet of López Contreras, 1936.

General Juan Vicente Gómez, who had ruled Venezuela as president intermittently since 19 December 1908, died on 17 December 1935.[1] Although ruled the country in authoritarian manner, Gómez also achieved national modernization in different areas: He created the country's first airliner (Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela), commissioned the construction of the first Venezuelan airports, building of bridges, customs buildings, the first passenger terminals of extra-urban bus lines, as well as the famous Transandean Highway. Gómez also modernized, professionalized and institutionalized the National Armed Forces, which still retains the Gomezist structure.[2]

After the death of Gómez, the Minister of War and Navy, General Eleazar López Contreras, managed to quell a conspiracy of the Gómez's family members to obtain and perpetuate themselves in power, for which the Cabinet of Venezuela appointed him as provisional president until the holding of elections.[3]



For these elections, the presidential candidates were the following:


Candidate Votes from Congress Percentage
Eleazar López Contreras 121 98.37%
Néstor Luis Pérez [es] 1 0.81%
Absent 1 0.81%
Total 123 100.0%


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