1936 Norwegian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Norway on 19 October 1936,[1] the last before World War II and the German invasion of Norway. The result was a victory for the Labour Party, which won 70 of the 150 seats in the Storting.[2]

1936 Norwegian parliamentary election

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All 150 seats in the Norwegian Parliament
76 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Torp.PNG Johan Henrik Andresen.jpg Johan Ludwig Mowinckel.jpg
Leader Oscar Torp Johan H. Andresen Johan Ludwig Mowinckel
Party Labour Conservative Liberal
Last election 69 seats, 40.1% 30 seats, 20.2% 24 seats, 17.7%
Seats won 70 36 23
Seat change Increase1 Increase6 Decrease1
Popular vote 618,616 310,324 232,784
Percentage 42.5% 21.3% 16.0%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Jens Hundseid.jpeg
Leader Jens Hundseid Ingebrigt Bjørø ?
Party Farmers' Christian Democratic Society
Last election 23 seats, 13.9% 1 seat, 0.8% 1 seat, 1.5%
Seats won 18 2 1
Seat change Decrease5 Increase1 Steady0
Popular vote 168,038 19,612 45,109
Percentage 11.5% 1.3% 3.1%

Prime Minister before election

Johan Nygaardsvold

Prime Minister after election

Johan Nygaardsvold

During the election campaign, the conservative and liberal parties ran on the slogan "A free people in a free Norway."[2] They argued that a Labour Party victory would lead to terrorism, dictatorship, and Marxism.[2] A prominent controversial topic during the election campaign was the decision of the Labour government to allow Leon Trotsky to take up a domicile in Norway in 1935.[2]


Labour Party618,61642.5170+1
Conservative PartyFree-minded People's Party[a]310,32421.3236+6
Liberal Party232,78416.0023–1
Farmers' Party168,03811.5518–5
Society Party45,1093.1010
Nasjonal Samling26,5771.8300
Christian Democratic Party19,6121.352+1
Free-minded People's PartyFatherland League[a]19,2361.3200
Radical People's Party6,4070.440–1
Communist Party4,3760.3000
Other parties4,1320.280
Wild votes270.00
Valid votes1,455,23899.44
Invalid/blank votes8,2300.56
Total votes1,463,468100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,741,90584.02
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


  1. ^ a b The Conservative Party and the Free-minded People's Party continued their alliance, but in some constituencies the Free-minded People's Party ran a joint list with the Fatherland League.[3]


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