1934 Victorian Centenary Grand Prix

The Victorian Centenary Grand Prix was a motor race staged at the Phillip Island circuit in Victoria, Australia on Saturday, 27 October 1934.[1] The 230 mile race, which was organised by the Australian Racing Drivers Club, was contested on a handicap basis.[1] The race was the richest and the longest that had been held in the state of Victoria to that time,[1] and was the first road race in Australia to be open to "catalogued racing and sports cars of all powers".[2] Of the 22 starters, eight finished within the limit of 25 minutes after the winner.[1] The race was won by Mick Smith, competing under the name “Gardner”, and driving a Ford V8 Roadster.[1]

The Grand Prix was an official event on the centenary program[3] commemorating Edward Henty’s 1834 settlement at Portland, which led to the founding of the state of Victoria.[4]


Mick Smith won the Victorian Centenary Grand Prix driving a 1934 Ford V8 Roadster
Position[1] Driver[1] No. Car[1] Entrant[5] Handicap[6] Race Time[1] Laps[1]
1 "Gardner" (Mick Smith) 11[3] Ford V8 Roadster "Gardner" 18m 5s 3:07:56 35
2 Les Murphy 18[7] MG P Type Midget Lane's Motors 35m 35s 3:28:35 35
3 Ted McLean Salmson T. McLean 37m 20s 3:35:57 35
4 Barney Dentry[8] Dentry Special Riley G. Barney Dentry[6] 15m 10s 3:12:32 35
5 Murray Maxwell[8] MG P Type Midget Lane's Motors 33m 50s 35
6 Bob Lea-Wright[8] 21[9] Singer Le Mans R.A. Lea-Wright 36m 10s 35
7 Ces Warren 1[8] MG Q Type Midget s/c Britannia Motors Scratch 35
8 Norman Putt[7] MG J2 Britannia Motors 36m 45s 35
DNF Colin Keefer[7] MG J2 Britannia Motors 36m 45s
DNF Jim Skinner[7] MG J2 Britannia Motors 36m 45s
DNF R.G. Watson Wolseley Hornet Special Kellow-Falkiner Pty Ltd[6] 35m 35s
DNF Campbell Graham[6] MG P Type Midget Lane's Motors 35m 35s
DNF V. Maloney MG Magna Lane's Motors 29m 10s
DNF Ron Head[8] Riley Brooklands W.E. Johnson[6] 27m 25s
DNF J. Norman[6] Ballot 2 Litre[5] J. Norman 20m 35s
DNF Les Jennings[8] MG Magna L. Jennings 19m 15s
DNF Bernie Horsley[10] 10[11] MG J3 Midget[6] J.L. Hosley & W.B. Horsley 17m 30s
DNF Jack Clements MG J3 Midget[6] Britannia Motors 17m 30s
DNF J.O. McCutcheon Bugatti Type 37[8] K. MacMeikan 17m 30s
DNF Harry Beith[8] Chrysler 72 H.J. Beith 12m 50s
DNF Jack Williamson[8] Riley Imp B.L. Cohen & W.H. Cameron 12m 50s 5
DNF Bill Thompson[8] MG K3 Magnette s/c[8][1] Lane's Motors 1m 10s
DNS[12] N.O. Hope[6] MG J3 Midget[6] N.O. Hope 17m 30s -

Note: Non-finishers have been listed in starting order, due to lack of information regarding laps completed.

  • Total race distance: 35 laps, 230 miles[1] (370 km)
  • Limit starter: Ted McLean[1]
  • Scratch starter: Ces Warren[1]
  • Winner's race time: 3:07:56[1]
  • Fastest time: "Gardner" (Mick Smith)[1]
  • Fastest lap: Ces Warren, 4:39 (84.74 mph)[1]
  • Teams prize: Lane's Motors[1]