1934 Costa Rican parliamentary election

Mid-term parliamentary elections were held in Costa Rica on 11 February 1934.[1] The result was a victory for the National Republican Party, which received 48% of the vote. Voter turnout was 42%.[2]

Results edit

National Republican Party22,97348.12
Republican Party4,1268.64
Republicano provincial2,8485.97
Unión provincial alajuelense2,6405.53
Workers and Farmers Party2,3955.02
Independiente antirreeleccionista1,6013.35
Unión Herediana1,3922.92
Nacional republicano1,1412.39
Republicano agrícola9511.99
Regeneración provincial alajuelense9471.98
Liga de obreros y agricultores9231.93
Unión Guanacasteca8631.81
Agrícola Provincial7931.66
Nacional Independiente6561.37
Acción socialista5581.17
Republicano Nacional Richardista2980.62
Republicano alajuelense2080.44
Agrícola civil1690.35
Liga Patriótica1150.24
Juventud antirreeleccionista960.20
Radical socialista890.19
Valid votes47,74399.62
Invalid/blank votes1840.38
Total votes47,927100.00
Registered voters/turnout115,17041.61
Source: Nohlen

References edit

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