1931 Bulgarian State Football Championship

The 1930 Bulgarian State Football Championship was the eight edition of the competition. It was consisted by 12 teams, and it was won by AS 23 Sofia. This was the club's first title.

Bulgarian State Football Championship
ChampionsAS 23 Sofia

Qualified teamsEdit

The winners from each OSO (Bulgarian: окръжна спортна област, lit.'regional sports district') qualify for the State championship.

OSO Team
Varnenska OSO Shipchenski sokol Varna
Shumenska OSO Han Omurtag Shumen
Rusenska OSO Napredak Ruse
Tarnovska OSO Etar Tarnovo[Note 1]
Plevenska OSO Pobeda 26 Pleven
Vrachanska OSO Orel-Chegan 30 Vratsa
Bdinska OSO Sportist Vidin
Sofiyska OSO AS 23 Sofia[Note 2]
Rilska OSO Levski Dupnitsa
Plovdivska OSO Botev Plovdiv
Haskovska OSO Bulgaria Haskovo
Starozagorska OSO no representative
Primorska OSO Slava Yambol

Round 1Edit

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Shipchenski sokol Varna 1–0 Botev Plovdiv
Slava Yambol 3–1 Sportist Vidin
AS 23 Sofia 5–0 Etar Tarnovo
Napredak Ruse 3–1 Pobeda 26 Pleven
Han Omurtag Shumen 2–0 Levski Dupnitsa
Bulgaria Haskovo 6–2 Orel-Chegan 30 Vratsa

Quarter finalsEdit

Team 1  Score  Team 2
AS 23 Sofia 7–0 Slava Yambol
Shipchenski sokol Varna 5–1 Bulgaria Haskovo
Napredak Ruse 3–1 Han Omurtag Shumen


Team 1  Score  Team 2
AS 23 Sofia 3–1 Napredak Ruse


The final, played on 13 September 1931:[Note 3]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
AS 23 Sofia 3–0 awd Shipchenski sokol Varna


  1. ^ The contemporary name of Tarnovo is Veliko Tarnovo.
  2. ^ The full name of AS 23 Sofia is Atletik-Slava 23.
  3. ^ The match was abandoned in 73' at 1:2 for Shipchenski sokol, when after a clash a player from the Varna team had to leave the field with a broken leg. The Varna players demand from the referee to show a red card to the AS 23 player that participated in the collision, but the referee refused to send him off, as he judged that there was no intention in the AS 23 player's action. At that, Shipchenski sokol left the field. Later it was awarded 3:0 to AS 23 by the BNSF.