1930 Colombian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Colombia on 9 February 1930.[1] The result was a victory for Enrique Olaya Herrera of the Liberal Party, who received 44.9% of the vote.[2] He took office on 7 August.[3]

It was the first time since direct presidential elections were introduced in 1914 that a Conservative Party candidate had not won.[4]

Results edit

Enrique Olaya HerreraColombian Liberal Party369,93444.91
Guillermo ValenciaColombian Conservative Party240,36029.18
Alfredo Vásquez CoboColombian Conservative Party213,47025.91
Valid votes823,76499.92
Invalid/blank votes6600.08
Total votes824,424100.00
Registered voters/turnout987,50483.49
Source: Historia Electoral Colombiana[5]

References edit

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