1930 Birthday Honours

The King's Birthday Honours 1930 were appointments by King George V to various orders and honours to reward and highlight good works by members of the British Empire. The appointments were made to celebrate the official birthday of The King. They were published on 30 May 1930.[1]

The recipients of honours are displayed here as they were styled before their new honour, and arranged by honour, with classes (Knight, Knight Grand Cross, etc.) and then divisions (Military, Civil, etc.) as appropriate.

British EmpireEdit



Knight BachelorEdit

Colonies, Protectorates, &c.

Order of the BathEdit

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB)Edit

Military Division
Royal Navy

Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB)Edit

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Vice-Admiral David Murray Anderson, CB, CMG, MVO.
  • Surgeon Vice-Admiral Arthur Gaskell, CB, OBE, FRCS(Eng.) LRCP, DPH, KHS.
Royal Air Force
  • Air Vice-Marshal David Munro, CB, CIE, MB, ChB, FRCS(E), (Retd.)
Civil Division

Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB)Edit

Military Division
Royal Navy
Civil Division

Order of Merit (OM)Edit

Order of the Star of IndiaEdit

Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Star of India (GCSI)Edit

Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of India (KCSI)Edit

Companion of the Order of the Star of India (CSI)Edit

  • John Edwin Clapham Jukes, CIE, Indian Civil Service, lately Controller of Civil Accounts.
  • Harold Anselm Bellamy Vernon, CIE, Indian Civil Service, Member of the Board of Revenue, Madras.

Order of Saint Michael and Saint GeorgeEdit

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG)Edit

Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)Edit

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)Edit

  • Robert Albert Anderson. For public services in the Dominion of New Zealand.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel and Brevet Colonel Christopher William, Baron Barnard, MC, TD, Chairman of the Northumberland and Durham Migration Committee.
  • Thomas Ainsworth Dickson, MC, Resident Commissioner, Swaziland.
  • William James Gall, Under Secretary, Home Secretary's Department, and Comptroller General of Prisons, State of Queensland.
  • Hugh Marrison Gower Jackson, OBE, Chief Native Commissioner, Southern Rhodesia.
  • Robert Lewis Parker, LLB. For public services in the State of Tasmania.
  • Paul Desiré Nestor Verschaffelt, LLB, Public Service Commissioner, Dominion of New Zealand.
  • Captain Walter Buchanan-Smith, MC, Senior Resident, Nigeria.
  • Charles Walter Hamilton Cochrane, British Resident, Perak, Federated Malay States.
  • Alfred John Harding, CBE, Director of Colonial Audit.
  • Major Gerald Joseph Keane, DSO, MD, Director of Medical and Sanitary Services, Uganda Protectorate.
  • Henry Monck-Mason Moore, Colonial Secretary, Kenya.
  • David William Tratman, Assistant Colonial Secretary and Clerk of Councils, Hong Kong.
  • Walter Ernest Wait, of the Ceylon Civil Service.
  • Thomas Dacre Dunlop, one of His Majesty's Inspectors-General of Consulates.
  • Charles Fortescue Garstin, CBE, one of His Majesty's Consuls-General in China.
  • Thomas Joseph Harrington, His Majesty's Consul General at Manila.
  • Harold Preece Hewins, OBE, Director of the Commercial Intelligence Branch, Central Economic Board, Khartoum.
  • Reginald Gerard Leigh, CBE, Assistant Private Secretary to His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
  • Francis Alfred Oliver, CBE, His Majesty's Consul-General at Hamburg.
  • Herbert Chavasse Squires, MD, Director, Khartoum Civil Hospital.
  • Hubert Wilberforce Wilson, CBE, His Majesty's Consul-General at Buenos Aires.

Order of the Indian EmpireEdit

Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire (KCIE)Edit

Honorary Knights Commander

Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire (CIE)Edit

Imperial Order of the Crown of IndiaEdit

  • Jeannette Hope, Lady Birdwood.

Royal Victorian OrderEdit

Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO)Edit

Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO)Edit

Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)Edit

  • Haywood Temple Holmes, CBE, MVO, ISO.
  • Evelyn Campbell Shaw, MVO.
  • Alexander Ormiston Curie.

Member of the Royal Victorian Order, 4th class (MVO)Edit

  • Clifford Viney Braimbridge, FRCS.
  • Major Colin Lindsay Gordon.
  • Edgar Stanley Roper.
  • Major Vere Elliot Ward-Simpson, MC.

Order of the British EmpireEdit

Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE)Edit

Military Division
Civil Division

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)Edit

Military Division
  • Colonel Ralph Hawtrey Rohde Benson, OBE, (late Royal Artillery), Member of the Ordnance Committee.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel and Brevet Colonel Barre Algernon Highmore Goldie, late 86th (East Anglian) (Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Field Brigade, Royal Artillery, Territorial Army.
  • Colonel Desmond Murree FitzGerald Hoysted, DSO, (Retired pay), late Royal Engineers), late Chief Technical Examiner for Works Services, War Office.
  • Colonel Charles Campbell Todd, CMG. (Retired pay), late Royal Army Pay Corps, and Command Paymaster, The British Troops in Egypt.
Royal Air Force
  • Wing Commander Harold Edward Whittingham, MB, ChB, FRFPS(G), MRCP(E), DPH, DTM&H.
Civil Division

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)Edit

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Lieutenant Commander Sir Archibald Alison, Bt.
  • Lieutenant Commander George Ernest Blackmore, DSC.
  • Lieutenant Frank Woodgate Lipscomb.
Royal Air Force
  • Wing Commander William Millett.
  • Squadron Leader Hugh Leedham.
  • Squadron Leader Alan George Bishop, AFC.
Civil Division
  • Charles Albert Battie, LRIBA, Assistant Architect, Metropolitan Police Office.
  • Adam Louis Beck, Assistant Director of Statistics and Intelligence, Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel William Chaloner, JP, Chairman of the Stockport Local Employment Committee.
  • Katharine Clayton. For valuable services to education in Peterborough.
  • Matthew Connolly, MBE, Principal, Office of Works.
  • Bertie Gibson Crewe, MBE, Principal, Patent Office, Board of Trade.
  • John Ashlin Cutforth, MBE, Principal Clerk, Ministry of Pensions.
  • Captain Arthur Godfrey Elliott, MC, Secretary, London Hospital.
  • Leslie Brian Freeston, Principal, Colonial Office.
  • Arthur John Giles, Secretary of the Federation of Grocers' Associations of the United Kingdom, and Member of the Retail Grocers Advisory Sub-Committee of the Empire Marketing Board.
  • Robert Hollowell Headley, MBE, LLB, Chief Executive Officer, Military Department, India Office.
  • Isabel Mary Heywood, Honorary Secretary, Northern Counties Association for the Blind.
  • William Gill Hodgson. For services in Liverpool in connection with the administration of the Health Insurance Scheme.
  • James Arthur Bernard Horsley, MIEE, Electrical Inspector of Mines, Mines Department, Board of Trade.
  • John Edward Hoyle, General Secretary, of the Incorporated National Federation of Boot-Trades Associations.
  • Thomas James Landon, Chief Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • Percy James Langley, MBE, Principal Finance Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Ernest Bright Laycock, Chairman of the Leeds, Harrogate and District War Pensions Committee.
  • Major Alfred Appleby Longden, DSO, First Class Intelligence Officer, Department of Overseas Trade. Lately Secretary General of the Exhibition of Italian Art, London.
  • Stanley Hugh Mackintosh, DSO, Deputy Divisional Controller, South Western Division, Ministry of Labour.
  • Emily MacManus, Matron of Guy's Hospital.
  • William John Medlyn, MIEE, Superintending Engineer, Manchester Engineering District, General Post Office.
  • Major Edwin George Monro, TD, Member of the Fruit Advisory Committee and Retail Fruiterers Advisory Sub-Committee of the Empire Marketing Board.
  • Russell Paton, JP, Organising Secretary, the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.
  • George Henry Peek, Area Superintendent, Iraq, Imperial War Graves Commission.
  • Arthur Pordage, MIFireE, Honorary Secretary of the Institute of Fire Engineers.
  • Walter Meakin Roberts, MA, Professor of Mathematics, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.
  • Archibald Havergal Downes-Shaw, Chairman of the Bristol and Wessex Light Aeroplane Club.
  • Annie Simonds, MBE, Chairman of the Bradford, Shipley and District War Pensions Committee.
  • Frank Stevens, FSA, Controller of the Salisbury, South Wilts and Blackmore Museum.
  • Marian Maud Adelaide Ward, Deputy Chief Inspector (Woman), Ministry of Health.
  • William Henry Welply, Acting Senior Chief, Inspector, Ministry of Education, Northern Ireland.
  • Ernest Grace Westell, Head of the Statistics Section, Board of Education.
  • Charles Merllyn Woodford, MBE, Inspector General of Waterguard, Board of Customs and Excise.
  • Frank Bennett Young, DSc, Principal Scientific Officer, Admiralty Research Laboratory.
  • Thomas Patrick William Barty, Lecturer in Civil Engineering, Gordon College, Khartoum, and Municipal Engineer, Khartoum.
  • Edward Cooper, Consul for Concepción, Coronel and Lota.
  • Ernest Albert Llewellyn Dalton, MBE, Passport Control Officer, Rotterdam.
  • Herbert William Gunningham, Archivist to His Majesty's Embassy at Constantinople.
  • George Pycroft, Consul at Barranquilla.
  • Frederick Hathaway Teall, Commandant, Suez Canal Police, Port Said.
  • Ethel Tawse Jollie, formerly Member of the Legislative Assembly of Southern Rhodesia. For public services.
  • Major George Douglas Roberts, Staff Officer, Swaziland Police.
  • Dr Alexandrina Matilda MacPhail, Superintendent, Rainy Hospital, Madras.
  • Saiyid Muhammad Moinul Haq, Professor of Bihar National College, Patna, and Secretary, Bihar & Orissa Olympic Association.
  • Frank Blannerhassett Plunkett, Superintendent, Belgaum Central Prison, Bombay.
  • Arthur William Porter, Assistant Superintendent, Burma Frontier Service.
  • Khan Bahadur Shaikh Rahim Bakhsh, Punjab Civil Service (Retd.), President, Municipal Committee, Jullundur.
  • Charles St. Leger Teyen, ISO, Deputy Secretary, Finance Department, United Provinces.
  • Captain Cyril Percy Hancock, MC, Indian Army, Political Department, lately Secretary to the Agent to the Governor-General, Western States of India Agency.
  • Angus Leicester Butler, Nominated Unofficial Member of the Legislative Council of Nigeria.
  • John Rhodes Dickson, MB, Deputy Surgeon-General and Medical Inspector of Health, Colony of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Major Eric Aldhelm Torlogh Dutton, Private Secretary to the Governor of Kenya.
  • Sidney Herbert Fazan, District Officer, Kenya.
  • Samuel John Forster, MBE, Unofficial Member, of the Legislative Council, Gambia.
  • Arthur Galea, Official Secretary to Head of the Ministry, Malta.
  • Alfred George Gottelier, Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Ceylon.
  • Thomas Meade Kelshall, Elected Member of the Legislative Council of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Geoffrey Charles Kitching, Administrative Inspector, Ministry of Interior, Iraq.
  • Captain Ernest Benjamin Leese, Travelling Commissioner, Gambia.
  • William James Miller, District Officer, Nablus, For services during the disturbances in Palestine in August 1929.
  • Arthur Rea Morgan, Senior, Agricultural Officer, Uganda Protectorate.
  • James Munro, MC, Deputy Superintendent, Department of Police and Prisons, Palestine. For services during the disturbances in Palestine in August 1929.
  • Captain Clinton Austin Reed, VD, Governor of Glendairey Prison, Barbados.
  • Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William Clayton Smales, DSO, Royal Army Medical Corps, lately Medical Officer of Health, Gibraltar.
  • George Jameson Swann, Traffic Manager, Port Directorate, Basrah, Ministry of Finance, Iraq.
  • Robert Andre Llewellyn Warneford, formerly Member of the Executive and Legislative Councils, Leeward Islands.
Honorary Officers
  • Abdul Al, Medical Officer, Hebron. For services during the disturbances in Palestine in August 1929.
  • Suleiman Saleem, Medical Officer, Jerusalem District. For services during the disturbances in Palestine in August 1929.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)Edit

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Lieutenant Henry Melville.
  • Paymaster Lieutenant (S) Ernest Richard Darby.
  • Captain Arthur Hurford, Royal Marines (Retd.)
  • Senior Chief Officer (SSS) Arthur John Stubbs.
  • Chief Officer (SSS) William Chalmers.
  • Warrant Engineer William John George Jenkins.
Honorary Members
Royal Air Force
  • Flight Lieutenant Sidney James Bailey.
  • No. 472 Sergeant-Major, 1st Class, Alfred Box.
  • No. 798 Sergeant-Major, 1st Class, Frank Lamdin.
  • No. 7677 Sergeant-Major, 1st Class, Laurence Richard Fears.
Civil Division
  • Henry Walter Acres, Staff Officer (Librarian), Board of Trade.
  • Frederick Adams, Senior Staff Officer, Ministry of Health.
  • John Maurice Adams, Staff Clerk, War Office.
  • Harold Arthur Agnew, Higher Executive Officer, Ministry of Labour, Northern Ireland.
  • Louisa Bessie Violet Bolton, LLA, Head Mistress of the Burghley Senior Girls' School, St. Pancras.
  • Clement Bristow, DCM, Superintendent, West Sussex County Constabulary.
  • George William Brownell, Superintending Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs, Northern Ireland.
  • James Carson, Superintendent, Rossie Reformatory School, Angus.
  • Colin Grant Croall, Chairman of the Northampton, Wolverton and District War Pensions Committee.
  • Conrad Hughes Davies, MC, Senior Intelligence Officer, Department of Overseas Trade.
  • William Davis, Superintendent (Telegraphs), London Postal Service, General Post Office.
  • William Deacon, Superintendent, Hampshire Constabulary.
  • Henry James Ernest Easton, Staff Officer, Patent Office (Manchester), Board of Trade.
  • Albert Endicott, FSI, Superintending Estate Surveyor, Office of Works.
  • Percy Haigh, Clerk, Higher Grade, Board of Inland Revenue.
  • William James Charles Hammond, Shop Manager, Royal Naval Torpedo Factory, Greenock.
  • Ernest William Henry Harbour, Principal Clerk, Ministry of Pensions.
  • David Hardie, Superintendent of the Admiralty Chart Establishment, Cricklewood.
  • John Haworth, FIC, FCS, General Manager of the Sewage Disposal Department, and Chief Chemist and Water Examiner, Sheffield Corporation.
  • Ellen Mathers Hough, Higher Executive Officer, Ministry of Pensions.
  • William Charles Hannaford Hutchins, Assistant Accountant, Board of Education.
  • Alfred James, Chief Timber Inspector under the Director of Contracts, Admiralty.
  • Henry Johnson, FSIA, FRSI, Chief Sanitary Inspector, Borough of Wimbledon.
  • George Shepherd Shepherd-Jones, Accountant, Accountant and Comptroller General's Office, Board of Customs and Excise.
  • Michael Augustine Kent, MC, Handicraft Instructor, Elbow Lane Practical Instruction Centre, Leicester.
  • William Charles Letts, Principal Clerk, Ministry of Pensions.
  • John Armour McGilvray, Staff Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Robert John Mackrell, Chief Examiner, Estate Duty Branch, Ministry of Finance, Northern Ireland.
  • John Main, FGS, FEIS. For public services, in Glasgow and district.
  • Catherine Gow Milne, Clerical Officer, Home Office. Until recently Secretary Shorthand Typist to the Ceremonial Secretary.
  • Sebastian Elliot Moorcroft, Chief Realisation Clerk, Clearing Office, (Enemy Debts), Board of Trade.
  • Ernest Edward Parker, Staff Officer, Exchequer, Edinburgh.
  • John Phillips, Chairman of the Monmouthshire War Pensions Committee.
  • Lawrence George Polden, Accountant, Finance Department, Ministry of Labour.
  • Alfred Henry Marmaduke Purse. For services in connection with Health Insurance Secretary to the Welsh Joint Insurance (Pricing) Committee.
  • William Robert Rae, Superintendent, Edinburgh City Police.
  • Councillor Mona Bryant Robinson, JP, Headmistress, Mudeford Church of England School, Christchurch, Hampshire, Mayor of Christchurch 1928–29, and now deputy mayor.
  • William George Sankey, Grade I Clerk, Inspection Department, Woolwich Arsenal.
  • Minna Florence Schirges, Clerk, Higher Grade, Establishments Department, Ministry of Labour.
  • William Whittaker Siddell, Deputy Chief Collector, Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Frank Singer, Staff Officer, Board of Inland Revenue.
  • William Percy Smart, Senior Staff Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Mildred Kate Spencer, Higher Clerical Officer, Foreign Office.
  • Andrew Walker, Member of the Retail Fruiterer's Advisory Sub-Committee of the Empire Marketing Board.
  • Thomas James Welsh, Assistant Surveyor of Prisons, Home Office.
  • Ethel Willans, Principal, Women's Advisory Staff, Gas, Light & Coke Co. For services in connection with Empire Marketing.
  • Benjamin Williams, Juvenile Employment (Education) Officer for the City of Cardiff.
  • Frederick George Allen Williams, Manager, City Employment Exchange, Ministry of Labour.
  • Thomas Wilson, Deputy Keeper of the Old and New Palaces of Westminster, Superintendent of Works, Office of Works.
  • Arthur Winstanley, DSc, Junior Inspector of Mines, Mines Department, Board of Trade.
  • Elizabeth Mary Wyatt, County Superintendent, East Sussex County Nursing Federation.
  • Thomas James Coleman, Superintendent, Traffic Department, Cairo City Police.
  • Ruth Cooper, Chief Clerk at the Vice-Consulate at Fez.
  • Percy Coriat, DCM, Assistant District Commissioner, Sudan Political Service.
  • Frank Nutter Cox, His Majesty's Consul at Costa Rica.
  • Cyril Henry Haines, Assistant British Agent to the Anglo-Mexican Revolutionary Claims Commission.
  • William Edmund Hampton, Superintendent of Quays, Egyptian Ports and Lighthouses Administration.
  • Luther Martin, Chief Clerk, Inspector-General's Office, Egyptian Ministry of War and Marine.
  • Arthur Stafford Oakley, Assistant District Commissioner, Sudan Political Service.
  • Ellen Leahy. For philanthropic services in the State of New South Wales.
  • Diwan Bahadur Srinivasa Aravamudu Ayyangar, Pleader, Vice-Chairman of the Residency Bazars Committee, Hyderabad.
  • Gerald George Bladen-Taylor, Imperial Secretariat Service, Superintendent, Foreign and Political Department, Government of India.
  • William Edmund Betting, Executive Officer, Improvement Trust, Lucknow, United Provinces.
  • William Arthur Brito, Secretary to the Commissioner of Excise, Madras.
  • William D'Almeida, Imperial Secretariat Service, Superintendent, Office of the Indian Statutory Commission.
  • Owen Richard Cowley Freeman, Indian Medical Department, Deputy Superintendent, Central Mental Hospital.
  • Captain Dinshaw Sorabji Khory, British India Steam Navigation Company Limited, Karachi.
  • Rai Sahib Lala Nathu Rain, Punjab Civil Service, City Magistrate, Lahore.
  • Albert John Parker, Chief Clerical Assistant, Indian Statutory Commission.
  • Joseph Murray Richardson, Indian Medical Department, Superintendent of the Juvenile Jail, Narsinghpur, Central Provinces.
  • George Edward Biddle, Superintendent of Prisons, Sierra Leone .
  • Ethel Marion Blyth, Controller of Female Staffs, Office of the Crown Agents for the Colonies.
  • William Ward Brew, Member of the Cape Coast Town Council, Gold Coast. For public services.
  • Thomas Henry Brown, Postmaster, Jaffa. For services during the disturbances in Palestine in August 1929.
  • Edwin George Bryant, DCM, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Palestine. For services during the disturbances in Palestine in August 1929.
  • Patrick Henry Burns, Superintendent of Telegraphs, Bahamas.
  • Lena Augusta Chapman, Principal of Hillwood College, Kandy, Ceylon.
  • Herbert Thomas Clark, Inspector of Schools, Singapore.
  • Herbert Harold Heath, Colonial Postmaster, Barbados.
  • Henry Walter Jack Economic Botanist, Agricultural Department, Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States.
  • Ellen Menendez Johnson, Assistant Postmaster, Bahamas.
  • Lily Morris, senior Mistress, King's College, Hong Kong.
  • Gertrude Nettleship. For missionary services in Ceylon.
  • Margaret Katherine Packer. For social services in Barbados.
  • Horace George Davie Rooke, lately Chief Locust Officer, Ministry of Irrigation and Agriculture, Iraq.
  • Arumugam Sellamuttu. For philanthropic services in Ceylon.
  • Dorothy Frances Vibert Jackson. For services in the promotion of the Girl Guide movement in Grenada, Windward Islands.
Honorary Members
  • Barukh Binah, Administrative Officer, Haifa. For services during the disturbances in Palestine in August 1929.
  • Haj Abdul Raheem el Nabulsi, Acting Mayor of Nablus. For services during the disturbances in Palestine in August 1929.
  • Michael Makhlouf, Surveyor, Department of Customs, Excise and Trade, Palestine.
  • Solomon Schieff, Acting Divisional Inspector, Tel Aviv. For services during the disturbances in Palestine in August 1929.

Order of the Companions of Honour (CH)Edit

Kaisar-i-Hind MedalEdit

  • Eleanor Isabel Dodson, in charge of the Church Missionary Society Zenana Hospital, Multan, Punjab.
  • Alice Lucretia Ernst, MD, (Philadelphia, USA), in charge of the Ackerman Hoyt Memorial Hospital at Jhansi, United Provinces.
  • Hilda Gould, Head of St. Stephen's Community, Delhi.
  • Edith, Lady Heald, MBE, Rangoon, Burma.
  • Kathleen Anna Dorothy, Lady Jackson, Bombay.
  • Dhanbai, Lady Cowasji Jehangir (Senior), Bombay.
  • Margaret Mitchell Paterson, Scotch Mission Hospital, Sialkot.
  • John Edward Sandilands, MC, MD, DPH, lately Health Officer, Bombay Municipality, Bombay.
  • Hassan Suhrawardy, OBE, MD, DPH, FRCS, Chief Medical Officer, Eastern Bengal Railway, Bengal.
  • Blanche Margaret Tweddle, Superintendent, Wesleyan Mission Industrial School, Ikkadu, Tiruvallur, Madras.

Medal of the Order of the British EmpireEdit

For Meritorious Service.

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • William Frederick Amos Betty, Chief Petty Officer, 238518, (HM Submarine L.12).
  • Frederick John Jolly, Chief Petty Officer, J.7719, (HM Submarine L.12).
  • Edward William Pope, Supply Petty Officer, M.31229, (HMS Triad).
  • Leonard Hammett, Able Seaman, J.54919, (HMS Devonshire).
  • Duncan Scott Smith, Sick Berth Attendant, M.36565, (HMS Devonshire).
Royal Air Force
  • No. 358497 Leading Aircraftman Arthur Horace Street.
  • No. 2172 Orderly Room-Sergeant Fazal Ahmed, Aden Protectorate Levies.
Civil Division
  • William Charles Black, No. 197 Sergeant, Palestine Police.
  • Anthony Frederick Braganza, Public Works Department Head Clerk to the Superintending Engineer, Deccan Irrigation Circle, Poona, Bombay, India.
  • Alfred Clark, Engine Driver, Sudan Government Railways.
  • William Henry Edmonds, Office Keeper, Headquarters, Southern Command, Salisbury.
  • Alfred Lampitt, Locomotive Inspector, Sudan Government Railways.
  • Neville Mudie McLeod, Running Shed Foreman, Tundla, United Provinces, India.
  • Thomas White Stone, Class I, Chief Officer at Parkhurst Convict Prison.
  • Mina Adina Williams, Head Nurse, Pogson Hospital, St. Christopher, Leeward Islands.
  • Mohammed Effendi Amin, Police Officer, Sudan Police.
  • Mohammed Effendi Onur, Muawin of Arabs, Sudan.
  • Nawai Toto, No. 201 Onbashi (Corporal) Kordofan Province Police, Sudan.
  • Thakur Raghuraj Singh Rawal, Excise Inspector, United Provinces, India.
  • Mahomed Khan Chotekhan, Excise Service. Jamadar at Nandurbar, West Khandesh, Bombay, India.
  • Rajab el Zarbately, No. 437 Police Constable, Palestine Police.

Companion of the Imperial Service Order (ISO)Edit

Home Civil Service
  • William Clarence Barber, MBE, Head of the Establishment Section, Board of Education.
  • James Arthur Chamberlain, Senior Staff Clerk, Ministry of Labour.
  • Henry Richard Cornfield, Senior Auditor, Exchequer and Audit Department.
  • William Lawe Gane, Senior Examiner, Estate Duty Office, Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Ernest Stephen Jones, OBE, Principal of the Accounts Branch and Chief Clerk, National Debt Office.
  • Walter Herbert Judson, Assistant Director, of Contracts, Admiralty.
  • Robert Squire Langford, Senior Staff Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • James Mahood, Principal Clerk, Paymaster General's Office.
  • Robert Anstruther Moad, Superintending Clerk, General Register Office, Ministry of Health.
  • Alexander Oliphant, Assistant Establishment Officer and Superintendent of Statistics, Department of Health for Scotland.
  • Percival Fitzgerald Pyle, Chief Clerk, Treasury.
  • Sidney Charles Ratcliff, MA, Assistant Keeper, First Class, Public Record Office.
  • Percy Baldwin Renshaw, Chief Enquiry Officer, Board of Customs and Excise.
  • Percy Christopher Rice, OBE, Chief Establishment Officer and Finance Officer, Department of Overseas Trade.
  • William Campbell Sansom, MBE, Senior Staff Clerk, War Office.
  • Alfred John Waldegrave, MBE, Deputy Controller and Accountant General, General Post Office.
  • James Kyd Young, Chief Clerk in the Crown Office, Edinburgh.
  • Charles Arrowsmith Bernays, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, State of Queensland.
  • Joshua William Ferguson, Secretary and Commercial Officer, Office of the Agent General in London for the State of New South Wales.
  • Philip Samuel Messent, Secretary for Lands, State of South Australia.
Indian Civil Services
  • Clarence Francis George, Indian Audit and Accounts Service, Assistant Director of Commercial Audit.
  • Frederick Hewitt, Inspector of Stores, India Store Department, London.
  • David Keiller, Head Laboratory Assistant, Imperial Institute of Veterinary Research, Muktesar, United Provinces.
  • Hugh Maurice LaFrenais, Indian Medical Department, on duty at the Haffkine Institute, Bombay.
  • Gilbert McGuire, Indian Medical Department, Punjab.
  • John William McKay, Registrar, Bengal Legislative Council and Legislative Department, Bengal.
  • Frederick George Pettifer, Bihar & Orissa Police Service.
  • Lala Ram Chander Agarwal, Head Clerk, Office of the Assistant Director, Supply and Transport, Peshawar District.
  • Rai Bahadur Ram Saran Das, Special Manager, Court of Wards, United Provinces.
  • Henry Theodore, Manager, Office of the Surgeon-General, Madras.
Colonies, Protectorates, &c.
  • Durand Victor Altendorff, Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Ceylon.
  • Paul Azu, Secretariat Assistant, Gold Coast.
  • Rudolf Fernandez, MBE, formerly superintendent in the Office of the High Commissioner for Iraq.
  • Duncan Laurence Lewis Feurtado, lately Assistant Director of Public Works, Jamaica.
  • Joseph Claude Gaffiero, Engineer, Public Works Department, Cyprus.
  • Hugh Houston Hutchings, Commissioner of Montserrat, Leeward Islands.
  • James Maddy Lumley, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Kenya.
  • Colonel George Herbert May, VD, Inspector-General of Constabulary and Commandant of Local Forces, Colony of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Gustave Savy, lately Inspector of Police, Seychelles.
  • Dudley Henry Semper, Magistrate and Coroner, Presidency of Saint Christopher and Nevis, Leeward Islands.
  • John Henry Cheetham Smart, African Assistant Colonial Secretary, Sierra Leone.

Imperial Service MedalEdit

  • Babu Haridas Dass, late Viceman, General Workshop, His Majesty's Mint, Calcutta.
  • Usman Khan Ahmed Khan, late Gatekeeper and General Custodian of the Public Works Department, Secretariat Building, Bombay.

Royal Red Cross (RRC)Edit

First Class
Second Class
  • Esther Wilson Hunter, Sister, Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service. In recognition of special devotion and competency in the performance of nursing duties in the Palestine General Hospital, Sarafand.

Air Force Cross (AFC)Edit

  • Squadron Leader Alan Lees.
  • Flight Lieutenant Henry George Watts Lock, DFC.
  • Flight Lieutenant Alfred Randles Wardle.

Bar to the Air Force CrossEdit


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