1930 Bechuanaland European Advisory Council election

Elections to the European Advisory Council were held in Bechuanaland Protectorate in December 1930.[1]

Electoral system


The European Advisory Council consisted of seven elected members, all of which were elected from single-member constituencies.[1]

Voting was restricted to people who were British subjects of European descent, had lived in the protectorate for at least a year prior to the election and who also:[1]

  • owned or leased land with a value of at least £200
  • owned stock used for farming with a value of over £200
  • held a general dealer's licence.
  • had an annual income over at least £200 from sources in the protectorate

Candidates were required to be nominated by five registered voters, and make a deposit of £25. The deposit was only refunded if they received more than 20% of the votes obtained by the winning candidate.[1]


Constituency Winning candidate Notes
1 Ghanzi District and all Crown Lands Henry Weatherilt Re-elected unopposed
2 Francistown District R McFarlane Re-elected unopposed
3 Tuli Block District WG Mason Unopposed
4 Ngwato, Ngamiland and Chobe Robert Bailey Re-elected
5 Gaberones Block LS Glover Re-elected unopposed
6 Lobatsi District GFJ van Rensburg Re-elected unopposed
7 Bamalete, Bakgatla, Bakweta and Bangwaketsi reserves and Barolong farms RH Linton Elected
Source: Colonial Reports

Subsequent by-elections


During 1932, Robert Bailey (constituency 4) died and RH Linton (constituency 7) left the protectorate. In the by-elections held later in the year E Fodisch and RL Ciring were elected to replace them.[2]