1928 Talca earthquake

The 1928 Talca earthquake occurred on 1 December at 00:06 local time near Curepto, Maule Region, Chile,[1][4] with an estimated magnitude of 7.6 MW,[3] 8.3 MS[1] and 7.9 ML.[4] In Talca, it lasted 1 minute 45 seconds.[2]

1928 Talca earthquake
1928 Talca earthquake is located in South America
1928 Talca earthquake
1928 Talca earthquake is located in Chile
1928 Talca earthquake
UTC time1928-12-01 04:06:17
ISC event908986
Local date1 December 1928 (1928-12-01)[1]
Local time00:06
Duration1 minute 45 seconds[2]
Magnitude7.6 Mw,[3] 8.3 MS,[1] 7.9 ML[4]
Depth20 km (centroid)[5]
Epicenter35°00′S 72°00′W / 35.000°S 72.000°W / -35.000; -72.000Coordinates: 35°00′S 72°00′W / 35.000°S 72.000°W / -35.000; -72.000[1][4]
Areas affectedChile, Curepto
Max. intensityIX (Violent) [2]
Aftershocks7.0 Mw(USGS)  1928-12-02
Casualties279 dead [2]

There was damage between Valparaíso and Concepción,[2] and severe damage on the coast from Cauquenes to Pichilemu, and in the following cities in the Chilean Central Valley: Talca, Curicó and San Fernando.[5]

In Talca there were 108 dead, 67 in Constitución, and 50 in the surrounding villages.[4] Soon after the earthquake, the Barahona dam, in the valley of Cachapoal River, that contained copper tailings, collapsed, killing 54 miners.[2]

In total, there were 279 dead,[2] 1,083 wounded and 127,043 homeless.

Church damage

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