1928 Panamanian general election

General elections were held in Panama on 5 August 1928 to elect both a new President of the Republic and a new National Assembly.

Background Edit

Prior to the elections there was a split in the Liberal Party, resulting in two Liberal candidates for president. There was no Conservative candidate.[1]

Campaign Edit

In 1928 President Rodolfo Chiari wrested control of the Liberal Party apparatus from Belisario Porras Barahona. The president also controlled four of seven posts on the national electoral board. The combination of these two factors gave Rodolfo Chiari nearly insurmountable powers and severely curbing his opponents' ability to compete effectively in elections.[2]

Results Edit

President Edit

CandidateParty or alliance
Florencio Harmodio ArosemenaChiarista National UnionChiarista Liberal Party
Conservative Party
Labor Party
Agrarian Party
Democratic Party
Jorge Eduardo BoydPorrista National CoalitionPorrista Liberal Party
Workers' Republican Party
Source: Political Handbook of the World[1]

National Assembly Edit

Chiarista Liberal Party30
Conservative Party11
Labor Party1
Agrarian Party1
Democratic Party1
Porrista Liberal Party0
Conservative Party (Fabrega)0
Workers' Republican Party0
Source: Political Handbook of the World[1]

Aftermath Edit

Immediately after President Arosemena's resignation on 2 January 1931, the Supreme Court decided that the election of the First, Second and Third Vice-Presidents in October, 1930, was unconstitutional and invited Ricardo Joaquín Alfaro Jované (Minister to the United States), who was elected First Vice-President in 1928, to become President of the Republic.[3]

References Edit

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