1928 Grand Prix season

1928 Grand Prix season
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The 1928 Grand Prix season saw the Monegasque driver Louis Chiron take seven Grand Prix victories whilst driving for the Bugatti team.

The World Manufacturers' Championship was planned on seven races but five of them (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Great Britain) were cancelled. Moreover, three races were considered mandatory but, when only two Grands Prix remained, the championship was cancelled.[1]

During the 1928 Italian Grand Prix in Monza a serious accident involving the car of Emilio Materassi: his Talbot crashed at 200 km/h into the grandstand, killing Materassi and 21 other people.

This event brought to evidence the need for better safety measures at the Italian circuit. The following two seasons the Italian Grand Prix wasn't held, while the Monza circuit underwent a complete upgrade.[2]

Season reviewEdit

Grandes ÉpreuvesEdit

Date Name Circuit Winning driver Winning
30 May   Indianapolis 500 Indianapolis   Louis Meyer Miller Report
9 September   Italian Grand Prix
European Grand Prix
Monza   Louis Chiron Bugatti Report

The Indianapolis 500 counted towards the 1928 AAA Championship Car title.

Other Grands PrixEdit

Date Name Circuit Winning driver Winning constructor Report
11 March   Tripoli Grand Prix Tripoli   Tazio Nuvolari Bugatti Report
11 March   Circuit d'Esterel Plage Saint-Raphaël   Louis Chiron Bugatti Report
25 March   Pozzo Circuit Pozzo   Tazio Nuvolari Bugatti Report
1 April   Riviera Circuit Cannes   Louis Chiron Bugatti Report
9 April   Antibes Grand Prix Garoupe   Louis Chiron Bugatti Report
22 April   Alessandria Circuit Alessandria   Tazio Nuvolari Bugatti Report
6 May   Coppa Florio[nb 1] Madonie   Albert Divo Bugatti Report
  Targa Florio[nb 1]
6 May   Algerian Grand Prix Staouéli   Marcel Lehoux Bugatti Report
13 May   Messina Cup Messina Edwald Probst Bugatti Report
16 May   Burgundy Grand Prix Dijon   Jannine Jennky Bugatti Report
20 May   Etna Cup Catania   Baconin Borzacchini Maserati Report
3 June   Tunis Grand Prix Le Bardo   Marcel Lehoux Bugatti Report
3 June   Mugello Circuit Mugello   Emilio Materassi Talbot Report
10 June   Picardy Grand Prix Péronne   Henry Auber Bugatti Report
10 June   Thuin Circuit Thuin "Delzaert" Bugatti Report
12 June   Rome Grand Prix Tre Fontane   Louis Chiron Bugatti Report
24 June   Cremona Circuit Cremona   Luigi Arcangeli Talbot Report
8 July   Grand Prix de la Marne Reims-Gueux   Louis Chiron Bugatti Report
25 July   San Sebastián Grand Prix Lasarte   Louis Chiron Bugatti Report
4 August   Coppa Acerbo Pescara   Giuseppe Campari Alfa Romeo Report
19 August   Coppa Montenero Montenero   Emilio Materassi Talbot Report
23 August   La Baule Grand Prix La Baule   Pierre Blacque Belair Bugatti Report
9 September   Boulogne Grand Prix Boulogne   Malcolm Campbell Delage Report
  1. ^ a b The Targa Florio and Coppa Florio were held simultaneously on the same circuit and over the same distance, so Albert Divo won both races.[3]


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