1927 British Grand Prix

The second Grand Prix of the Royal Automobile Club, commonly referred to as the 1927 British Grand Prix, was a Grand Prix motor race held at the Brooklands circuit on 1 October 1927.[1] It was the fifth and final race of the 1927 AIACR World Manufacturers' Championship season. The race was won by French driver Robert Benoist. It was his fourth victory from the season's five races,[2] a performance that put the seal on his Delage team's already-unassailable lead in the Championship.

1927 British Grand Prix
Race 5 of 5 in the 1927 World Manufacturers' Championship
Race details
Date 1 October 1927
Official name Grand Prix of the Royal Automobile Club
Location Surrey, England
Course Brooklands
Course length 4.21 km (2.61 mi)
Distance 125 laps, 526.25 km (327.00 mi)
First Delage
Second Delage
Third Delage

A similar circuit was used as in the race the previous year, that is using the Finishing Straight, on which two sandbank chicanes were constructed. However, the footbridge across the Finishing Straight, which in 1926 had two supports on the track itself, had been rebuilt as a single-span, which enabled the full width of the straight to be used and allowed the layout of the chicane at the top of the Finishing Straight to be altered. The race itself also started half-way around the circuit, on the Railway Straight, rather than from the 1926 start at the junction of the Finishing Straight and the Members' Banking, meaning that the race distance was actually 124 and a half laps.


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retired
1 2   Robert Benoist Delage 15 S 8 125 3h49m14.6
2 3   Edmond Bourlier Delage 15 S 8 125 3h49m21.6
3 4   Albert Divo Delage 15 S 8 125 3h52m20.0
4 12   Louis Chiron Bugatti 39A 125 4h17m50.0
5 11   Emilio Materassi Bugatti 39A 118
NC 10   Caberto Conelli
Bugatti 39A 106
Ret 1   George Eyston
  Sammy Davis
Bugatti 39A 95 Supercharger
Ret 5   Malcolm Campbell Bugatti 39A 93 Valve
Ret 14   Jean Ghika-Cantacuzino Bugatti 37A 28 Valve
Ret 7   Harold Purdey Thomas Special 9 Transmission
Ret 6   Bummer Scott Thomas Special 8 Supercharger
DNA 8   George Souders Duesenberg
DNA 9   Maurice Harvey Alvis GP

Note: fastest lap wasn't recorded.


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