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The following is an overview of 1925 in film, including significant events, a list of films released and notable births and deaths.

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  • June 26: Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush premieres. It is voted the best film of the year by critics in The Film Daily annual poll[1]
  • September 25: Ufa-Palast am Zoo in Berlin rebuilt as Germany's largest cinema reopens.
  • November 5: The Big Parade holds its Grand Premiere.
  • December 30: Première of Ben-Hur, the most expensive silent film ever made, costing $4 million (around $56 million when adjusted for inflation)[2]
  • Hong Shen publishes the film script Mrs. Shentu in the Shanghai magazine Eastern Miscellany. It is never filmed, but is considered a milestone in film history for being the first published film script in China.[3] Hong also directs his first film, Young Master Feng, at Mingxing (Star) Film Company in this year.

Top-grossing films (Worldwide)Edit

Rank Title Gross
1. Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ $9,386,000[4]
2. The Big Parade $6,131,000[4][5]
3. The Gold Rush $5,450,000
4. His People $3,000,000
5. The Freshman $2,600,000[6]
6. The Phantom of the Opera $2,000,000
7. The Merry Widow $1,933,000[4]
8. Stella Dallas $1,500,000[6]
9. The Lost World $1,300,000[6]
10. Little Annie Rooney $1,100,000
11. East Lynne $1,100,000[6]
12. The Plastic Age n/a

Notable films released in 1925Edit

U.S.A. unless stated

Comedy film seriesEdit

Animated short film seriesEdit

  • Felix the Cat (1919–1936)
  • Koko the Clown (1919–1963)
  • Aesop's Film Fables (1921–1934)
  • Alice Comedies
    • Alice Cans the Cannibals
    • Alice the Toreador
    • Alice Gets Stung
    • Alice Solves the Puzzle
    • Alice's Egg Plant
    • Alice Loses Out
    • Alice is Stage Struck
    • Alice Wins the Derby
    • Alice Picks the Champ
    • Alice's Tin Pony
    • Alice Chops the Suey
    • Alice the Jail Bird
    • Alice Plays Cupid
    • Alice Rattled by Rats
    • Alice in the Jungle
  • Koko's Song Car Tunes (1924–1927)
  • Krazy Kat (1925–1940)
  • Un-Natural History (1925–1927)



Film debutsEdit


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