1925 Albanian presidential election

The 1925 Albanian presidential election was held on 31 January 1925 in order to elect the President of the newly established Albanian Republic. Incumbent Prime Minister of Albania Ahmet Zogu won the election in a vote conducted by the Parliament of Albania.[1]

1925 Albanian presidential election

31 January 1925 1991 →
Nominee Ahmet Zogu
Party Party of Traditions
Electoral vote 138
Percentage 98.57%

President before election

Wilhelm I (As Prince)

Elected President

Ahmet Zogu
Party of Traditions

General election


On election day, 31 January 1925, Prime Minister Ahmet Zogu was elected as the first president of the Albanian Republic with 98.57% of the Parliament vote. Zogu was sworn in for his first seven-year term on 1 February 1925. It marked the first and last presidential election of the shortly lived Albanian Republic before President Zogu was proclaimed the King of Albania and reigned as Zog I on 1 September 1928. A second presidential election in Albania wouldn't occur until the fall of communism in the country in 1991.[2]


Albanian presidential election, 1925
Party Candidate Votes %
Party of Traditions Ahmet Zogu 138 98.57
Scattering 2 1.43
Total votes 140 100.00
Party of Traditions gain from Monarchy


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