1925 Albanian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Albania in April and May 1925.[citation needed]



Following the June Revolution in 1924, its leader Fan Noli became Prime Minister. With his government struggling to retain power, on 13 November he issued a decree for fresh elections to be held between 20 December 1924 and 20 January 1925.[citation needed] However, when Ahmet Zogu returned to the country in December, Noli fled and was replaced as Prime Minister by Iliaz Vrioni.

On 21 January Albania was declared a parliamentary republic,[citation needed] and on 31 January Zogu was chosen as the president.[1]

Electoral system


The new republic had a bicameral parliament, consisting of an 18-member Senate and a 57-member Chamber of Deputies. The Senate was to have twelve members elected by the public and six appointed by the president.[2]

A new electoral law was passed on 14 March.[citation needed] The elections remained on an indirect basis, with an elector nominated for each 500 registered voters. The electors then elected the Deputies.[3]



As most opposition leaders had gone into exile, government candidates largely ran unopposed. As a result, voter turnout was very low.[4]


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