1924 Turkish Football Championship

The 1924 Turkish Football Championship was the first edition of the competition and the first national championship ever in Turkish football. It was held in September. All matches were played at İstiklal Sahası in the capital Ankara.

1924 Turkish Football Championship
Dates4 September – 12 September
(1st Turkish title)
Matches played15
Goals scored44 (2.93 per match)

Harbiye won their first championship title unbeaten and without conceding a single goal by defeating Bahriye 3–0 in the final and became the first national champions in Turkish football history, with two more titles to follow in 1942 and 1945 under the name Harp Okulu.[1][2] For Bahriye it was the sole appearance in the championship final and their sole participation in the competition altogether.

Harbiye and Bahriye (both from Istanbul) formed an exception in the inaugural edition of the tournament, since they were included by the Turkish Football Federation in the championship as military clubs and not as champions of a civilian regional league. All other participants qualified as regional champions for the competition played in knock-out format.

Qualified clubsEdit

Region Champions
Istanbul Beşiktaş
Ankara Anadolu Turan San'atkârangücü
İzmir Altay İdman Yurdu
Trabzon Trabzon İdman Ocağı
Eskişehir Eskişehir İdman Yurdu
Konya Konya Gençlerbirliği
Çukurova Adana Türk Ocağı
Bursa San'atkâran Spor Derneği
Karesi Balıkesir İdman Yurdu
Kocaeli Adapazarı İdman Yurdu
Edirne Edirne Türk Ocağı
Harbiye Harbiye Mektebi İdman Yurdu
Bahriye Bahriye Efrâd-ı Cedide İdman Yurdu
  • The champions of Canik (Samsun) and Antalya regions are currently not known.
  • In 1924 Trabzon Lisesi were champions of the Trabzon League, though a second tournament was held after the conclusion of the league in order to determine the participants for the Turkish championship. İdman Ocağı won that tournament and qualified for the national championship.[3]

First roundEdit

Konya Gençlerbirliği3 – 0Trabzon İdman Ocağı
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Beşiktaş6 – 1Eskişehir İdman Yurdu
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Bahriye7 – 0Balıkesir İdman Yurdu
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Anadolu Turan San'atkârangücü2 – 01Bursa San'atkâran
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Samsunwalkover2Edirne Türk Ocağı
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Harbiye2 – 0Adana Türk Ocağı
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Adapazarı İdman Yurdu2 – 03Antalya
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
  • 1 Match could not be finished for lack of time. The remaining 15 minutes were played on 5 September.
  • 2 The team of Canik did not show up. Edirne received a bye for the quarter-finals.
  • 3 Only the first half was played. Second half played on 6 September.

Resumed matchesEdit

Anadolu Turan San'atkârangücü2 – 0Bursa San'atkâran
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Adapazarı İdman Yurdu3 – 0Antalya
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
  • Altay received a bye for the quarter-finals.


Bahriye1 – 0Edirne Türk Ocağı
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Referee: Necmi
Altay5 – 0Adapazarı İdman Yurdu
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Referee: Hamdi Emin
Beşiktaş0 – 2Harbiye
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Anadolu Turan San'atkârangücü2 – 1Konya Gençlerbirliği
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Referee: Yusuf Ziya Öniş


Harbiye3 – 0Altay
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Bahriye2 – 0Anadolu Turan San'atkârangücü
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara

Third place matchEdit

Anadolu Turan San'atkârangücü1 – 0Altay
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara


Harbiye3 – 0Bahriye
İstiklal Sahası, Ankara
Referee: Yusuf Ziya Öniş


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