1924 Stanley Cup Finals

The 1924 Stanley Cup Finals saw the National Hockey League (NHL) champion Montreal Canadiens defeat the Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL) champion Calgary Tigers two games to none in the best-of-three game series. It was Montreal's fourth appearance in the Final and second championship.

1924 Stanley Cup Finals
The Canadiens in a group photo after winning the Cup
12 Total
Montreal Canadiens (NHL) 63 2
Calgary Tigers (WCHL) 10 0
Location(s)Montreal: Mount Royal Arena (1)
Ottawa: Ottawa Auditorium (2)
CoachesMontreal: Leo Dandurand
Calgary: Eddie Oatman
DatesMarch 22–25
Series-winning goalHowie Morenz (4:55, first)

This was the last Final until 1983 to be contested by a team from Alberta and the last Final until 1986 to be contested by a team from Calgary.

Paths to the FinalsEdit

As in 1922, the PCHA champion met the WCHL champion in a playoff, with the winner to meet the NHL champion in the Final. That series was held in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg. The NHL champion would have to play the loser to advance to the Final. Montreal first played the Vancouver Maroons, defeating them 2–0 in a best-of-three to advance to the Final.

Game summariesEdit

The first game was played in Montreal's Mount Royal Arena on slushy natural ice caused by warmer than usual weather. The second game was moved to Ottawa, to take advantage of the artificial ice.[1]

Rookie forward Howie Morenz scored a hat trick in game one and a further goal in game two to lead the Canadiens. Morenz also was leveled by Calgary defenseman Herb Gardiner in game two and suffered torn shoulder ligaments and a chipped collarbone.

Montreal won the series 2-0

Montreal Canadiens 1924 Stanley Cup championsEdit

Stanley Cup trustee William Foran presented the Stanley Cup to the Canadiens at a banquet at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal on April 1, 1924.[1]



Coaching and administrative staff

  • Ed Dulfour (Trainer),
  • Louis Athanase David (Executive Director)
  • Joseph Cattarinich (Vice President/Owner)
  • Louis A. Letourneau (Director/Owner)
  • Leo Dandurand (President/Owner/Manager-Coach)
  • Napolean Norval (Secretary)
  • Edouard C. St. Pere, Harry Elliot, Cecil Hart, Ferdinand Rinfeet (Directors)

& not engraved on Cup.

Stanley Cup engraving

  • After a ring was added to the original Stanley Cup in 1909, the winners were engraved on the ring until 1918. No new ring was added until after the 1924 victory when the Canadiens added a new ring to the bottom.[1] On this new ring, the club had the majority of their members' names engraved on it. Each Stanley Cup winning team since 1924 has since engraved their member's names on the Cup. The number of names allowed is controlled by the NHL. Joe Malone, who had not played in the playoffs, was not included on the Cup, even though there was room. Malone retired from hockey mid-season. Only Bobby Boucher, Ed Dulfour, Leo Danduran, and Cecil Hart have their full first names engraved on the cup. All other members had their first name shortened, Montreal also included the three teams they defeated in the playoffs Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary two straight games.
  • Charles Frotier used to be credited with playing NHL one game for Montreal. He did not, but did attend the Canadiens 1923-24 training camp. Since Frotier was never on Montreal Canadiens roster, he is not a Stanley Cup winner in 1924.
  • In a mistake, co-owner Louis A. Letourneau was misspelled H.A. LETOURNEAU. This mistake was not corrected, but repeated in 1929–30. Louis Letourneau was the first non player to have his name misspelled on the Stanley Cup.

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