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  • February 15 – The Capitol Theatre opened in Winnipeg.
  • March 12 – The Capitol Theatre, a lush 2,500 seat movie palace, opened on Vancouver's Granville Street.



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Deanna Durbin on the cover of
Yank Magazine, January 1945

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Arthur Sifton

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Frederick Banting speaks on his research into separating life-saving insulin from pancreas's insulin-destroying secretion[5]

Former Indian agent says Kainai (Blood) cheated out of their land by "predatory leases"[6]

Witness testifies to House committee on proportional representation so that MPs "may represent the opinions of people rather than acres"[7]

Prime Minister Meighen rebuffs Opposition Leader Mackenzie King's attempt to advise on upcoming Imperial Conference[8]

Prime Minister Meighen on unity in diversity in Commonwealth of Nations[9]

"Dark, gloomy, and brutal, [with] a disrespect for law and order" - Nellie McClung says movies are moral menace[10]

Police reject pleas to bust exposed knees[11]

"Races have awakened intense interest" - Lunenburg fishing schooner Bluenose wins international race off Halifax[12]

Christmas celebration at rural Prairie school[13]

Franklin D. Roosevelt's family cottage on Campobello Island, N.B., preserved to last year he stayed there[14]


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