1920 Fijian general election

General elections were held in Fiji in July, August and September 1920.[1]

Electoral systemEdit

The Legislative Council consisted of 12 official members (eleven civil servants and a British subject not holding public office),[2] seven elected Europeans and two appointed Fijians. The Governor served as President of the Council.[1]

The Europeans were elected from six constituencies; Eastern, Northern, Southern, Suva, Vanua Levu & Taveuni and Western. Voting was restricted to men aged 21 or over who had been born to European parents (or a European father and was able to read, speak and write English) who were British subjects and had been continuously resident in Fiji for 12 months, either owning at least £20 of freehold or leasehold property or having an annual income of at least £120, and were not on the public payroll.[2]

Constituency Geographical area Election date
Eastern Lau Province, Lomaiviti Province 30 July[1]
Northern Ba District, Colo North Province, Ra Province 6 September
Southern Colo East Province, Kadavu Province, Naitasiri Province, Namosi Province, Rewa Province (except Suva), Serua Province, Tailevu Province 2 September
Suva Suva Municipality 21 August
Vanua Levu and Taveuni Bua Province, Cakaudrove Province, Macuata Province 2 September
Western Colo West Province, Lautoka District, Nadi District, Nadroga Province 3 September


Constituency Candidate Votes % Notes
Eastern John Maynard Hedstrom Unopposed Re-elected
Northern Frederick Clapcott 60 58.3 Re-elected
L. Davidson 42 40.8
N.S. Chalmers 1 1.0
Southern Francis Riemenschneider 80 55.9 Elected
Robert Crompton 63 44.1 Unseated
Informal votes 1
Suva Henry Milne Scott 242 36.3 Re-elected
Henry Marks 194 29.1 Re-elected
S.H. Ellis 123 18.5
James Burton Turner 107 16.1
Vanua Levu & Taveuni Herbert Valentine Tarte 62 45.9 Elected
W.C. Fisher 38 28.1
E. Duncan 35 25.9
Informal votes 3
Western Charles Wimbledon Thomas 63 56.3 Elected
John Percy Bayly 49 43.8
Informal votes 4
Source: Ali

Appointed membersEdit

The nominated members were appointed on 15 October; one of the Fijian posts was left unfilled.[1]

Position Member
Governor (President) Cecil Hunter-Rodwell
Agent-General of Immigration Percy Robert Backhouse
Attorney General Alfred Karney Young
Chief Medical Officer George Cecil Strathairn
Colonial Postmaster Herbert Paul St. Julian
Colonial Secretary Thomas Edward Fell
Commissioner of Lands Dyson Blair
Commissioner of Works Henry Berry Lees
District Commissioner, Rewa Richard Rutledge Kane
Receiver General William Henry Brabant
Secretary for Native Affairs Douglas Ray Stewart
Superintendent of Agriculture Charles Henry Knowles
Representing Indo-Fijians Badri Maharaj
Fijian member Joni Antonio Rabici
Source: Fiji Blue Book[1]


A by-election was held for the Vanua Levu and Taveuni seat on 4 October 1922, which was won by William Edmund Willoughby-Tottenham.[3]


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