1919 Costa Rican general election

General elections were held in Costa Rica on 7 December 1919.[1] Julio Acosta García of the Constitutional Party won the presidential election, whilst the party also won the parliamentary election, in which they received 75% of the vote.[2]

1919 Costa Rican general election

7 December 1919
Presidential election
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1923 →
Nominee Julio Acosta García José María Soto
Party Constitutional Democratic
Popular vote 43,283 4,884
Percentage 89.85% 10.14%

President before election

Francisco Aguilar Barquero

Elected President

Julio Acosta García

These elections were held after dictator Federico Tinoco was deposed and exiled. The winning candidate Acosta, former chancellor of the government overthrown by Tinoco, had been precisely one of his fierce opponents and leader of armed antitinoquist groups which earned him great popularity, this despite the fact that his affiliation as a Freemason and Theosophist were controversial, at least among some sectors of the Church.[3]

The tinoquismo grouped around the recently founded Democratic Party and nominates Dr. José Maria Soto Alfaro, denoted tinoquista, twice deputy and brother of former president Bernardo Soto Alfaro. Soto was also the founder of the so-called "Club 27 de Enero" (27 January Club) whose name commemorated the Tinoquista coup on 27 January 1917 that overthrew González Flores and was one of the supporters of the Tinoquista regime.[4]

Results edit

President edit

Julio Acosta GarcíaConstitutional Party43,28389.85
José María SotoDemocratic Party4,88410.14
Francisco Aguilar Barquero30.01
Alberto Echandi Montero [es]20.00
Alfredo González Flores20.00
Registered voters/turnout84,283
Source: Nohlen, TSE

By province edit

Province Acosta Soto
  San José Province 12,771 774
  Alajuela 10,561 1,903
  Cartago Province 8,055 84
  Heredia 3,438 658
  Guanacaste 4,177 1,076
  Puntarenas 2,600 389
  Limón 1,681 0
Total 43,283 4,884
Source: TSE

Parliament edit

Constitutional Party26,75174.88
Democratic Party3,0148.44
Unión provincial1,1233.14
Obrero acostista6161.72
Constitucional obrero1060.30
Acostista conciliador200.06
Valid votes35,72499.47
Invalid/blank votes1900.53
Total votes35,914100.00
Registered voters/turnout84,98742.26
Source: Nohlen

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