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John McCrae in uniform, circa 1914

Historical DocumentsEdit

British prime minister Lloyd George details British war aims, including liberation and self-determination of nations[2]

Ontario women recruited for summer work in food production[3]

Saskatchewan Victoria Cross winner Hugh Cairns cited for "most conspicuous bravery"[4]

His brother describes presentation of Victoria Cross to George Pearkes, "looking a very fine soldier indeed"[5]

Account of Canadian cavalry action resulting in Victoria Cross award for Gordon Flowerdew[6]

Shot-down pilot describes jumping from his falling plane despite bullet wounds and burns[7]

Canadian soldier describes his psychological strain[8]

Folksy Canadian enjoys leave in Paris, despite street crime[9]

Soldier appreciates "toothsomeness" of Christmas treats after living on hardtack and bully beef[10]

U.S. soldier newspaper salutes Canadian forces, but confuses Victoria Day and Dominion Day[11]

Saint John Housewives' League and War Gardens Association exhibit their prowess and patriotism in competitive exhibitions[12]

Ontario health board's tips and myths regarding influenza[13]

Various Montreal community groups aid fight against influenza[14]

Death notice for Mi'kmaq grand chief John Denny Jr. and inauguration of new grand chief Gabriel Sylliboy on Cape Breton Island[15]

United Farm Women of Ontario get their male counterparts to work with them[16]

United Farmers of Ontario protest undemocratic wartime government practices[17]

Basic English manual is aimed at foreign-born adults of "industrial class"[18]

Labour lawyer comments at length on deteriorating worker-management relations in Winnipeg[19]

Journalist says people in central Canada have no more influence on government than Westerners do (and perhaps less)[20]

Vilhjalmur Stefansson speaks on difficulties of his Arctic explorations, and overcoming them[21]

University of Manitoba convocation speaker addresses optimism[22]

Wilfrid Laurier comments on Louis Hémon's novel Maria Chapdelaine[23]


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