1916 in Brazil

Events in the year 1916 in Brazil.


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  • 5 March - The liner Príncipe de Asturias runs aground in fog on the shoals out of Ponta do Boi, in the island of Sao Sebastião, while trying to approach the port of Santos. At least 445 people out of the 588 aboard are killed.[1]
  • 3 May - Brazilian merchant ship Rio Branco is sunk by a German submarine. Because the ship is in restricted waters and registered under the British flag, and most of its crew is Norwegian, it is not considered an illegal attack by the Brazilian government, despite public protests.
  • August
    • Brazilian Naval Aviation is established, in preparation for the country's participation in the First World War.[2]
    • The capture of rebel leader Deodato Manuel Ramos ("Adeodato") marks the effective end of the Contestado War.




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