Six Days of Newark

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The Six Days of Newark was a former six-day cycling event, held in Newark, New Jersey. From 1910 to 1915 four editions of the Six Days were held.[1][2]

Six Days of Newark
Race details
Date1910-1913: February
1914: March
1915: August
RegionNewark, New Jersey, United States
TypeSix-day racing
First edition1910 (1910)
Final edition1915
First winner
Final winner

Roll of honor edit

Edition Winners Second Third
1910   Willy Fenn (USA)
  Frank Kramer (USA)
  Iver Lawson (USA)
  Jimmy Moran (USA)
  Paddy Hehir (AUS)
  Ernie Pye (USA)
1911–12 Not held
1913   Paddy Hehir (AUS)
  Peter Drobach (USA)
  Worth Mitten (USA)
  Gordon Walker (AUS)
  Martin Ryan (USA)
  Lloyd Thomas (USA)
1914   Alfred Goullet (AUS)
  Alfred Hill (USA)
  George Cameron (USA)
  Harry Kaiser (USA)
  Gordon Walker (AUS)
  Ted Wohlrab (USA)
1915   Reggie McNamara (AUS)
  Robert Spears (AUS)

Full results edit

1910 edit

The 1910 Six Days of Newark took place from 6 to 12 February.

1. Willy Fenn senior (Usa) - Frank Kramer (Usa)
2. Ivar Lawson (Usa) - Jim Moran (Usa)
3. Paddy Hehir (Aus) - Ernie Pye (Aus)
4. John Bedell (Usa) - Menus Bedell (Usa)
5. Walter Bardgett (Usa) - Elmer Collins (Usa) à 1 tour
6. Niels-Marius Andersen (Dan) - Floyd Krebs (Usa)
7. Frank Galvin (Usa) - West (Usa)
8. Worth Mitten (Usa) - Rupprecht (Usa)

1913 edit

1. Peter Drobach (Usa) - Paddy Hehir (Aus)
2. Worth Mitten (Usa) - Gordon Walker (Aus)
3. Martin Ryan (Usa) - Lloyd Thomas (Usa)
4. George Cameron (Usa) - Ray Dieffenbacher (Usa) à 1 tour
5. Clarence Carman (Usa) - Walter De Mara (Usa)
6. Willy Coburn (Usa) - Bill Loftes (Usa)
7. McKay (Usa) - Wilcox (Usa) à 2 tours
8. Jack Blatz (Usa) - Floyd Krebs (Usa) à 3 tours

1914 edit

1. Alfred Gouller (Aus) - Alfred Hill (Usa)
2. George Cameron (Usa) - Harry Kaiser (Usa)
3. Gordon Walker (Aus) - Ted Wohlrab (Usa)
4. Frank Cavanagh (Usa) - Robert "Bob" Walthour senior (Usa)
5. Peter Drobach (Usa) - Jim Moran (Usa)
6. Frank Corry (Aus) - Robert "Bob" Spears (Aus)
7. Marcel Dupuy (Fra) - Victor Linart (Bel)

References edit

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