1914 Hong Kong sanitary board election

The 1914 Hong Kong Sanitary Board by-election was held on 1 May 1914 for one of the two unofficial seats in the Sanitary Board of Hong Kong. It was a by-election caused by the absence of F. B. L. Bowley from Hong Kong on holiday.[1]

1914 Hong Kong sanitary board by-election

← 1912 1 May 1914 1915 →
Turnout175 (~14.58%)
Nominee P. W. Goldring W. L. Carter
Party Nonpartisan Nonpartisan
Popular vote 142 33
Percentage 81.14% 18.86%

Members before election

F. B. L. Bowley

Elected Members

P. W. Golding

Overview edit

There were two candidates, P. W. Goldring, senior member of the Goldring and Russ solicitors firm and W. L. Carter, manager of the China and Japan Telephone and Electric Co., Ltd.. Goldring was proposed by E. J. Grist and seconded by Playfair while Carter was proposed by E. A. Hewett and seconded by H. E. Pollock.[1]

The polling took place at the City Hall from 4 to 6 p.m. on 1 May 1914, presided by H. A. Nisbet, Registrar of the Supreme Court. With the inclement weather, only 175 persons of the around 1,200 voters showed up. Goldring was elected with the majority of 109 votes.[1]

Sanitary Board By-election 1914[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Nonpartisan P. W. Goldring 142 81.14
Nonpartisan W. L. Carter 33 18.86
Majority 109 62.29
Turnout 175 ~14.58
Registered electors ~1,200

References edit

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