1913 New South Wales state election

The 1913 New South Wales state election was held on 6 December 1913. This election was for all of the 90 seats in the 23rd New South Wales Legislative Assembly and it was conducted in single-member constituencies with a second ballot if a majority was not achieved on the first. The 22nd parliament of New South Wales was dissolved on 6 November 1913 by the Governor, Sir Gerald Strickland, on the advice of the Premier William Holman.[1][2][3]

1913 New South Wales state election

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All 90 seats in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly
46 Assembly seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  William Holman 1919.jpg Wade Charles.gif
Leader William Holman Charles Wade
Party Labor Liberal Reform
Leader since 30 June 1913 2 October 1907
Leader's seat Cootamundra Gordon
Last election 46 seats 37 seats
Seats won 49 seats 38 seats
Seat change Increase3 Increase1
Percentage 46.63% 44.70
Swing Decrease2.29 Increase1.67

New South Wales Legislative Assembly 1913.svg
Legislative Assembly after the election

Premier before election

William Holman

Elected Premier

William Holman

There was a redistribution in 1912 as a result of the removal of the Australian Capital Territory from the state New South Wales and population growth in the Sydney metropolitan area. Labor won 7 of the 12 second round ballots.[4]

Key datesEdit

Date Event
6 November 1913 The Legislative Assembly was dissolved, and writs were issued by the Governor to proceed with an election.
15 November 1913 Nominations for candidates for the election closed at noon.
6 December 1913 Polling day.
23 December 1913 Opening of 23rd Parliament.


New South Wales state election, 6 December 1913 [1]
Legislative Assembly
<< 19101917 >>

Enrolled voters 1,037,999
Votes cast 668,601 Turnout 68.24 0.81
Informal votes 15,751 Informal 2.30 +0.50
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes % Swing Seats Change
  Labor 311,747 46.63 −2.29 49 +3
  Liberal Reform 219,525 32.83 +10.2 28 -9
  Farmers and Settlers[a] 79,374 11.87 +11.16 10 +10
  Independent Liberal 16,324 2.44 −3.42 0 −6
  Independent 15,223 2.28 +1.58 1 0
  Country Party Association 10,472 1.57 +1.57 1 +1
  Independent Labor 9,225 1.38 +0.59 1 +1
  Others 6,711 1.01 +1.01 0 -
Total 668,601     90  
Popular vote
Liberal Reform
Ind. Liberal
Ind. Labor
Parliamentary seats
Liberal Reform
Ind. Liberal
Ind. Labor

Changing seatsEdit

Seats changing hands
Seat 1910 Swing [b] 1913
Party Member Note Margin [c] Margin [c] Member Party
Albury   Independent Liberal Gordon McLaurin Defeated 11.0 2.2 15.4 John Cusack[d] Labor  
Annandale   Liberal Reform Albert Bruntnell Defeated 2.4 3.4 9.2 Arthur Griffith[e]
Ashburnham   Labor John Lynch Defeated 6.9 -3.2 0.6 Arthur Grimm  Farmers and Settlers  
Bathurst   Liberal Reform John Miller Defeated as Farmers and Settlers 6.0 -2.8 0.4 Ernest Durack Labor  
Belubula Thomas Waddell District abolished. Won Lyndhurst as Farmers and Settlers
Blayney   Labor George Beeby District abolished. Defeated for Waverley as National Progressive
Bondi New district NA 31.4 James Macarthur-Onslow[f] Liberal Reform  
Botany   Labor Fred Page Changed party 28.0 NA 20.4 Fred Page Independent Labor  
Broken Hill John Cann District abolished. Won Sturt
Byron New district NA 15.1 John Perry[g] Liberal Reform  
Canterbury   Liberal Reform Varney Parkes Defeated for Hurstville 11.4 -1.2 9.0 Henry Peters Labor  
Cessnock New district NA 78.1 William Kearsley[h]
The Clyde   Liberal Reform William Millard District abolished. Won Bega
Corowa Richard Ball Changed party 23.0 4.0 31.0 Richard Ball Farmers and Settlers  
The Darling   Labor John Meehan District abolished. Retired
Deniliquin Henry Peters District abolished. Won Canterbury
Drummoyne New district NA 17.8 George Richards Liberal Reform  
Dulwich Hill New district NA 20.9 Tom Hoskins
Durham   Liberal Reform William Brown Changed party 17.7 3.6 8.1 Richard Ball Farmers and Settlers  
Enmore New district NA 7.8 David Hall Labor  
Gloucester   Liberal Reform Richard Price Changed party 37.8 -2.4 33.1 Richard Price Farmers and Settlers  
Gough Follett Thomas Changed party 1.5 1.3 4.2 Follett Thomas
Granville John Nobbs Defeated 17.7 -7.0 3.8 Jack Lang Labor  
Gwydir   Labor George Jones Defeated 26.0 -8.2 9.6 John Crane Farmers and Settlers  
Hurstville New district NA 3.2 Sam Toombs Labor  
Lane Cove   Liberal Reform David Fell District abolished. Retired
Lismore New district NA 11.0 George Nesbitt Farmers and Settlers  
Lyndhurst New district NA 2.2 Thomas Waddell[i]
Maitland   Independent Liberal John Gillies[j] Won by Liberal Reform at by-election. 27.8 NA 1.2 Charles Nicholson Liberal Reform  
Mosman New district NA 50.6 Percy Colquhoun
Northumberland   Labor William Kearsley District abolished. Won Cessnock
Pyrmont John McNeill District abolished. Retired
Queanbeyan John Cusack District abolished. Won Albury
Raleigh   Independent Liberal George Briner Changed party 56.6 NA 18.2 George Briner Country Party Association  
Randwick David Storey Changed party 18.8 19.4 20.0 David Storey Liberal Reform  
The Richmond   Liberal Reform John Perry District abolished. Won Byron
Rous George Hindmarsh District abolished. Retired
Ryde New district NA 33.3 William Thompson Liberal Reform  
St George   Liberal Reform William Taylor Retired 17.0 9.5 2.0 William Bagnall Labor  
Sherbrooke John Hunt District abolished. Won Camden
Tamworth   Independent Liberal Robert Levien Defeated 21.8 NA 2.0 Frank Chaffey Farmers and Settlers  
Upper Hunter   Liberal Reform Henry Willis Defeated as Independent Liberal 3.7 NA 8.6 Mac Abbott
Wagga Wagga New district NA 2.4 Walter Boston Labor  
Wallsend New district NA 70.2 John Estell[k]
Waverley   Liberal Reform James Macarthur-Onslow Won Bondi 14.9 7.8 0.6 James Fingleton
Waratah   Labor John Estell District abolished. Won Wallsend
Willoughby New district NA 3.2 Edward Larkin Labor  
Willyama New district NA 55.9 Jabez Wright
Wynyard   Independent Liberal Robert Donaldson District abolished. Defeated as Country Party Association for Yass

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  1. ^ Members of Farmers and Settlers were also endorsed by Liberal Reform.
  2. ^ Swing is calculated using the Butler method, being the average of the 1913 winning party percentage-point gain and the 1910 losing party percentage-point loss. NA is used where one of the parties did not contest both elections.
  3. ^ a b Margin is calculated as the difference in vote percentage between the successful party and the second party.
  4. ^ Previously the member for the abolished district of Queanbeyan.
  5. ^ Previously the member for Sturt.
  6. ^ Previously the member for Waverley.
  7. ^ Previously the member for the abolished district of The Richmond.
  8. ^ Previously the member for Northumberland.
  9. ^ Previously the member for the abolished district of Belubula.
  10. ^ John Gillies (Independent Liberal) died in 1911. The by-election in October 1911 was won by Charles Nicholson (Liberal Reform) who retained the seat at the 1913 general election.
  11. ^ Previously the member for the abolished district of Waratah.


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