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June Havoc in Gentleman's Agreement (1947)

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Edward Blake

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Residential school principal advocates replacing it with day school to preserve family ties and love that staff cannot provide[1]

Appeal for justice from speaker who asks why Sikhs - British subjects - are discriminated against in Canada[2]

Advice to Ontario temperance campaigners on legislative, economic, criminal and personal aspects of liquor consumption[3]

Federal Liberal Party claims false arrest of party workers aided Conservative win in Manitoba by-election[4]

British architect and builder express importance of community over private interest in Calgary town planning[5]

"Cargo on the main deck was not secured" - Enquiry seeks reasons Cecilia L. wrecked when storm struck on Lake Saint-Louis[6]

Visitor sees huge change in Edmonton just six years after previous visit[7]

Careful preparation of straightaway at Calgary's Gridiron Motor Course results in world speed record claim[8]

Finding and preserving duckbilled dinosaur fossil near Drumheller, Alberta[9]


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