1912 Romanian general election

General elections were held in the Kingdom of Romania on 8 and 18 November 1912. They were the first elections in which Romanian citizens living in the province of Dobruja were allowed to vote, with Constanța County and Tulcea County gaining representatives in the Romanian Parliament for the first time, despite having been part of Romania since 1878.[1][2]


Chamber of DeputiesEdit

Party Votes % Seats
Conservative-Democratic Party 84
Conservative Party 62
National Liberal Party 35
Democratic Nationalist Party 1
Independent Conservative 1
Total 183
Source: Apostol Stan


According to the constitution, the crown prince and eight bishops had the right to sit in the Senate.

Party Votes % Seats
Conservative Party 45
Conservative-Democratic Party 40
National Liberal Party 24
Democratic Nationalist Party 1
Total 110
Source: Anastasie Iordache


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