1912 Mürefte earthquake

The 1912 Mürefte earthquake occurred at 03:29 local time on 9 August. It had an estimated magnitude of 7.4 Mw and a maximum intensity of X (Extreme) on the Modified Mercalli intensity scale, causing from 216–3000 casualties.[4][5]

1912 Mürefte earthquake
1912 Mürefte earthquake is located in Marmara
1912 Mürefte earthquake
Location of epicenter in the Marmara region
UTC time1912-08-09 01:29:03
ISC event16958205
Local date9 August 1912 (1912-08-09)
Local time03:29
Magnitude7.4 Mw[1]
Depth15 km[2]
Epicenter40°42′N 27°12′E / 40.70°N 27.20°E / 40.70; 27.20[3]
Areas affectedTurkey
Max. intensityX (Extreme) [4]

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