1911 Massachusetts legislature

The 132nd Massachusetts General Court, consisting of the Massachusetts Senate and the Massachusetts House of Representatives, met in 1911 during the governorship of Eugene Foss. Allen T. Treadway served as president of the Senate and Joseph Walker served as speaker of the House.[4]

Massachusetts General Court
131st 133rd
Legislative bodyGeneral Court
ElectionNovember 8, 1910
PresidentAllen T. Treadway
Party controlRepublican (26–14)[1]
SpeakerJoseph Walker
Party controlRepublican (127–112–1)[2]
1stJanuary 4, 1911 (1911-01-04) – July 28, 1911 (1911-07-28) [3]
Allen Treadway
Allen Treadway, Senate president.
Joseph Walker
Joseph Walker, House speaker.
Leaders of the Massachusetts General Court, 1911.


Portrait Name [5] Date of birth District [6] Party
Arthur S. Adams February 14, 1869 2nd Essex
George L. Barnes 1st Norfolk
Frank P. Bennett Jr. December 30, 1878 7th Middlesex Republican
Charles V. Blanchard February 2, 1866 3rd Middlesex Republican
Charles H. Brown January 19, 1879 6th Middlesex
Charles S. Chace 1st Bristol
Martin P. F. Curley 8th Suffolk Democratic
Daniel E. Denny July 14, 1845 2nd Worcester
James H. Doyle 4th Suffolk
Wilmot R. Evans Jr. 4th Middlesex
Joseph S. Gates October 3, 1856 4th Worcester
Edward J. Grainger 1st Suffolk
Levi H. Greenwood December 22, 1872 3rd Worcester Republican
Dennis E. Halley 5th Essex
James A. Hatton 2nd Suffolk
Joseph H. Hibbard 8th Middlesex
Roger Sherman Hoar April 8, 1887 5th Middlesex Democratic
John H. Hunt 1st Worcester
Roland M. Keith March 16, 1847 2nd Plymouth
Joseph P. Lomasney 3rd Suffolk Democratic
John H. Mack Berkshire
John F. Malley 1st Hampden
Walter B. Mellen Worcester and Hampden
Henry C. Mulligan 1st Middlesex
Michael J. Murray July 11, 1860 9th Suffolk
Melvin S. Nash August 3, 1857 1st Plymouth
Arthur L. Nason October 24, 1872 4th Essex
George H. Newhall October 24, 1850 1st Essex Republican
Charles H. Pearson 2nd Norfolk
James F. Powers October 1, 1872 6th Suffolk
Francis X. Quigley November 20, 1882 2nd Hampden
Samuel Ross February 2, 1865 3rd Bristol
John H. Schoonmaker February 14, 1869 Franklin and Hampshire
Harry N. Stearns October 5, 1874 2nd Middlesex
James P. Timilty March 28, 1865 7th Suffolk Democratic
George H. Tinkham October 29, 1870 5th Suffolk Republican
James E. Tolman November 8, 1867 3rd Essex Republican
Allen T. Treadway September 16, 1867 Berkshire, Hampshire and Hampden Republican
Joseph Turner 2nd Bristol
John E. White December 13, 1873 Cape Republican


image name [5] date of birth district
David C. Ahearn November 4, 1879
Timothy J. Ahern
Oscar E. Arkwell
William M. Armstrong August 17, 1850
Alfred Arseneault January 3, 1869
Frank W. Atkins
William B. Avery July 11, 1856
Aaron Bagg Jr.
Edward C. R. Bagley
J. Herbert Baker
Willie W. Baker
Erson B. Barlow October 20, 1883
James F. Barry December 4, 1857
John J. Barry January 4, 1877
Frederick D. Bartlett
John J. Bastion
James W. Bean May 11, 1866
William A. Bellamy
Alvin E. Bliss
Charles M. Blodgett
Edward C. Bodfish
Arthur Bogue
William Booth June 21, 1862
Henry E. Bothfeld March 4, 1859
George E. Bowker
John G. Brackett
Melvin B. Breath March 28, 1881
Lincoln Breckenridge
James Henry Brennan December 21, 1888
James J. Brennan May 2, 1882
Francis J. Brennan
Michael J. Brophy
Herbert N. Buck
John P. Buckley May 31, 1853
William R. Burke July 14, 1870
George R. Burns January 4, 1882
James D. Burns July 4, 1876
Adolphus M. Burroughs
Thomas F. J. Callahan
John J. Carmody
Charles L. Carr December 25, 1876
Patrick B. Carr
John Carr
Thomas J. Casey
James F. Cavanagh
Fred P. Chapman
Wendell P. Clark
Allen Clark
Zebedee E. Cliff September 23, 1864
John Henry Cogswell July 4, 1875
Samuel I. Collins March 4, 1851
Francis L. Colpoys
Daniel L. Connolly
John D. Connors
Eli M. Converse
John J. Conway
Leon M. Conwell April 15, 1870
James H. L. Coon
Michael H. Cotter
Channing H. Cox October 28, 1879
Russell D. Crane
Courtenay Crocker February 4, 1881
Daniel Francis Cronin
William A. Crowley
Thomas S. Cuff
Thomas P. Curtin
Grafton D. Cushing August 4, 1864
Alfred W. Cushman
George T. Daly
David H. Damon
Henry G. Danforth February 6, 1843
Thomas Davies February 11, 1875
Arthur S. Davis
Nathan W. Davis
Daniel P. Day
Charles A. Dean March 26, 1856
George L. Dow
Andrew P. Doyle August 15, 1869
Lawrence J. Dugan
John F. Dwyer
James Frank Eagan
Harry Millett Eames
Charles N. Edgell
George W. W. Edson
Charles W. Eldridge October 16, 1877
George H. Ellis October 3, 1848
Charles E. Elwell
Wilton B. Fay
Edward Fisher
James H. Fitzgerald
John T. Flanagan May 25, 1869
Harold H. Flower
Clarence J. Fogg July 10, 1853
Louis A. Foley
Herbert M. Forristall August 14, 1859
Benjamin D. Gifford
William H. Gifford January 20, 1851
Ellery L. Goff
William J. Graham October 2, 1873
James I. Green April 9, 1885
Fred Parker Greenwood
James F. Griffin January 19, 1884
John W. Haigis July 31, 1881
Benjamin F. Haines November 25, 1876
William Halliday
Portus B. Hancock February 19, 1836
Clarence W. Harding
Leonard F. Hardy
Frank O. Hardy
Edward F. Harrington (state representative) August 10, 1878
James A. Hart October 29, 1864
Edward R. Hathaway
Horatio Hathaway Jr.
Truman R. Hawley
Michael A. Henebery
Michael Hennessey
William P. Hickey November 17, 1871
Merrick E. Hildreth
Francis M. Hill
Clarence Whitman Hobbs Jr. October 1, 1878
Henry W. Holbrook February 18, 1875
Joseph W. Holden October 10, 1867
Alexander Holmes
Charles T. Holt August 1, 1845
Harry L. Howard
William N. Howard
Charles H. Howe
William S. Hoyt
John J. Hughes
Lyman E. Hurd
Frederick W. Hurlburt
Edward N. Jenckes
David P. Keefe September 29, 1855
Michael Kelly June 17, 1840
James T. Kenney June 20, 1870
Louis R. Kiernan
Charles T. Killpartrick
Clifford L. King
H. Bert Knowles
Wilfred J. Lamoureux
Louis F. R. Langelier
Albert P. Langtry July 27, 1860
Joseph Leonard
Charles Lewin
Edwin F. Lilley
Martin Lomasney December 3, 1859
Paul I. Lombard
William J. Look June 20, 1867
Herman A. MacDonald November 11, 1881
James P. Maguire
John C. Mahoney
George Edward Marchand December 22, 1877
John F. McCarthy
Charles F. McCarthy August 15, 1876
Eugene A. McCarthy
Thomas F. McCullough
James A. McElaney Jr.
John D. McGivern
Michael F. McGrath
James H. McInerney December 13, 1871
Hugh M. McKay
William M. McMorrow
Timothy J. Meade November 7, 1874
John F. Meaney
Joseph F. Merritt
David T. Montague
Charles H. Morgan January 15, 1869
Charles H. Morrill October 6, 1874
Edward T. Morse
Frank Mulveny
Dennis A. Murphy September 26, 1876
James J. Murphy February 11, 1885
David W. Murray September 9, 1874
William J. Murray October 7, 1885
William L. Newton
Clarence V. Nickerson
Albin F. Nordbeck
C. Augustus Norwood
Michael F. O'Brien September 18, 1878
Charles R. O'Connell September 16, 1874
Francis D. O'Donnell
William A. O'Hearn March 8, 1887
Jeremiah O'Leary
Dennis A. O'Neil June 16, 1882
Charles A. Orstrom
Frank A. Palmer
Joseph H. Parker Jr. April 16, 1871
Joseph A. Parks May 2, 1877
Asa L. Pattee
Harry A. Penniman
Frank H. Pope March 7, 1854
Alfred J. Preece
John J. Purcell
Harry Bancroft Putnam September 7, 1878
Martin Lewis Quinn January 19, 1862
Michael F. Quinn
Joseph J. Reed
Albert C. Reed
Michael J. Reidy
George A. Ricker
Ralph R. Rideout
Thomas Ryan
John Lee Saltonstall May 23, 1878
John C. Sanborn
Edgar E. Sargent
Amos T. Saunders
Frederick W. Schlapp
Alfred Scigliano
Michael J. Scully
Norman Shannon
Benjamin Sharp 1858
Albert H. Silvester
Theodore L. Sorenson
George H. Stevens
William J. Sullivan April 14, 1865
Edward A. Sweeney
Daniel W. Teehan
Alfred Tewksbury
William R. Thomas September 24, 1871
Eugene F. Toomey
Nathan A. Tufts April 15, 1879
Robert N. Turner
Charles L. Underhill July 20, 1867
Alton A. Upton
Robert M. Washburn January 4, 1868
Henry Gordon Wells October 12, 1879
William H. Wheeler
Thomas W. White January 10, 1876
Norman H. White December 25, 1871
Isaac E. Willetts November 8, 1879
Ernest A. Witt
Roger Wolcott July 25, 1877
Charles J. Wood March 18, 1854
Russell A. Wood
Augustus E. Wright

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