1910 Swansea District by-election

The Swansea District by-election, 1910 was a parliamentary by-election held for the House of Commons constituency of Swansea District in Glamorgan in South Wales on 28 February 1910.


The by-election was caused by the appointment of the sitting Liberal MP, Sir David Brynmor Jones, KC to be Recorder of Merthyr Tydfil.[1] Under the Parliamentary rules of the day, if he wished to remain an MP, he was required to resign and fight a by-election.


The Swansea District Liberals re-selected Jones. At the general election of January 1910 he had been returned with the substantial majority of 6,073 votes over his Unionist opponent.[2]

The resultEdit

There being no other candidates putting themselves forward, Brynmor Jones was returned unopposed.[3]

Swansea District by-election, 1910
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal David Brynmor Jones Unopposed N/A N/A
Liberal hold Swing N/A

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