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18th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)


First World WarEdit

The 18th Brigade was formed from a mixture of regular and New Army battalions, and was part of the 6th Division.[1] It saw action on the Western Front.[1]

First World War order of battleEdit

Components included:[1]

Second World WarEdit

The brigade was originally designated as Cairo Area and 18th Infantry Brigade but ceased to exist when in May 1940 it was absorbed by HQ Cairo Sub-Area. On 20 July 1943 the 18th Brigade was reformed again from the redesignation of the 7th Motor Brigade as the 18th Lorried Infantry Brigade.[2] It was part of the 1st Armoured Division and fought in the Italian Campaign with many other different formations, such as the 1st Infantry Division, who they served with in the Battle of Anzio. It was disbanded in Italy on 1 January 1945 due to an acute manpower shortage throughout the British Army at the time with all available replacements being sent to the 21st Army Group in the North West Europe Campaign.[3]

Second World War order of battleEdit

The original 18th Infantry Brigade was constituted as follows:[4]

From 20 July 1943 the 18th Lorried Infantry Brigade was constituted as follows:[5]

Second World War commandersEdit

Commanders included:[6]

  • Brigadier O.H. Tidbury
  • Brigadier M.D. Erskine
  • Brigadier A.D. McKechnie


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