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Events from the year 1897 in Canada.

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Lester Bowles Pearson in 1944


Historical documentsEdit

Cree leader Almighty Voice pursued and killed by North-West Mounted Police in Saskatchewan[1]

Annual report of Indian agent for Kootenay Agency in British Columbia[2]

Anglican missionary conducts church services on his dogsled trip around northwest Alberta[3]

Kipling's poem "Our Lady of the Snows" acknowledges Canada's solidarity but independence in its relations with Britain (Note: "white man" used)[4]

Editorial praises founding of Victorian Order of Nurses[5]

Illustration of fully outfitted Klondike Gold Rush adventurer, with price of each garment and do/don't lists[6]

Lack of food and other boomtown problems discourage some Dawson City residents[7]

British railway labourers in western Canada treated as slaves before escaping[8]

"A love affair this summer" - Diary writer records declaration of love from another woman visiting Camp Viamede, Stony Lake, Ontario[9]


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