1895 Iowa Senate election

In the 1895 Iowa State Senate elections Iowa voters elected state senators to serve in the twenty-sixth Iowa General Assembly. Elections were held in 31 of the state senate's 50 districts. State senators serve four-year terms in the Iowa State Senate.

1895 Iowa Senate election
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← 1893 November 5, 1895 1897 →

31 out of 50 seats in the Iowa State Senate
26 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Party Republican Democratic
Last election 34 16
Seats after 43 7
Seat change Increase9 Decrease9

A statewide map of the 50 state Senate districts in the 1895 elections is provided by the Iowa General Assembly here.

The general election took place on November 5, 1895.[1]

Following the previous election, Republicans had control of the Iowa Senate with 34 seats to Democrats' 16 seats.

To claim control of the chamber from Republicans, the Democrats needed to net 10 Senate seats.

Republicans maintained control of the Iowa State Senate following the 1895 general election with the balance of power shifting to Republicans holding 43 seats and Democrats having 7 seats (a net gain of 9 seats for Republicans).

Summary of ResultsEdit

  • Note: The holdover Senators not up for re-election are not listed on this table.
Senate District Incumbent Party Elected Senator Party Outcome
2nd Benjamin Rex Vale Rep Thomas Bell Rep Rep Hold
3rd Ephraim M. Reynolds Rep Beryl F. Carroll Rep Rep Hold
4th Lester W. Lewis Rep Harvey L. Byers Rep Rep Hold
5th James B. Harsh Rep George S. Allyn Rep Rep Hold
6th George L. Finn Rep William O. Mitchell Rep Rep Hold
8th Allen Joseph Chantry Rep Joseph McKenna Junkin Rep Rep Hold
11th James H. Jamison Rep William Henry Berry Rep Rep Hold
14th Alpheus Barto Conaway Rep Lucian C. Blanchard Rep Rep Hold
15th Theodore Bolivar Perry Dem Samuel Druet Rep Rep Gain
16th Lucien Moody Kilburn Rep Lucien Moody Kilburn Rep Rep Hold
17th Henry Franklin Andrews Rep Albert C. Hotchkiss Rep Rep Hold
19th William Groneweg Dem Nathan Marsh Pusey Rep Rep Gain
23rd Alfred Hurst Dem Alfred Hurst Dem Dem Hold
24th John Aloysius Green Dem Frederick O. Ellison Rep Rep Gain
25th Michael Joseph Kelly Dem Cyrus S. Ranck Dem Dem Hold
26th John McClure Terry Dem Jeremiah Smyth Alexander Rep Rep Gain
27th Olaf Martin Oleson Dem Thomas D. Healy Rep Rep Gain
28th George A. Turner Rep James Loring Carney Rep Rep Hold
31st H. C. Boardman Rep Charles J. A. Ericson Rep Rep Hold
32nd James D. Yeomans Dem John Stillman Lothrop Rep Rep Gain
33rd Merritt W. Harmon Rep Daniel Hiel Young Rep Rep Hold
35th[a] Isaac W. Baldwin[b] Dem Robert Bonson Dem Dem Hold
36th John Everall Dem John Everall Dem Dem Hold
38th[a] John Morris Rea[c] Rep Elbert Marion Sargent Rep Rep Hold
39th George M. Craig Rep George M. Craig Rep Rep Hold
40th Leslie B. Mattoon Dem James Henry Trewin Rep Rep Gain
41st Charles Fred Jewett Rep Gilbert S. Gilbertson Rep Rep Hold
43rd Norman Vaughan Brower Rep William F. Harriman Rep Rep Hold
46th William Hamilton Dent Dem Alva C. Hobart Rep Rep Gain
47th Abraham B. Funk Rep Abraham B. Funk Rep Rep Hold
49th Luther H. Bishop Dem Henry Hospers Rep Rep Gain
  1. ^ a b Election was held to fill a vacancy.
  2. ^ On February 9, 1895, Isaac W. Baldwin died causing a vacancy.[2]
  3. ^ On August 25, 1895, John Morris Rea died causing a vacancy.[3]


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