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The following is an overview of the events of 1894 in film, including a list of films released and notable births.

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Notable films released in 1894Edit

Birt AcresEdit

  • Crows on Saffron Hill
  • Haycart Crossing Hadley Green, Middlesex

Charles-Émile ReynaudEdit

Étienne-Jules MareyEdit

William K. L. DicksonEdit

Annie Oakley.
Fred Ott Sneeze.
Sioux ghost dance.
  • Alleni's Boxing Monkeys
  • Amateur Gymnast, No. 2
  • Annabelle Butterfly Dance, starring Annabelle Moore
  • Annabelle Sun Dance, starring Annabelle Moore
  • Annie Oakley, starring Annie Oakley
  • Armand D'Ary, starring Armand D'Ary
  • Athlete with Wand
  • Babies in High Chairs
  • Band Drill
  • A Bar Room Scene
  • The Barbershop
  • Bertoldi (Mouth Support), starring Ena Bertoldi
  • Bertoldi (Table Contortion), starring Ena Bertoldi
  • Boxing, starring Jack McAuliffe
  • The Boxing Cats (Prof. Welton's)
  • Bucking Broncho, starring Lee Martin
  • Buffalo Bill (lost), starring William F. Cody
  • Buffalo Dance, starring Hair Coat, Parts His Hair and Last Horse
  • Caicedo (with Pole), starring Juan A. Caicedo
  • Caicedo (with Spurs), starring Juan A. Caicedo
  • Carmencita, starring Carmencita
  • The Carnival Dance, starring Madge Crossland, May Lucas and Lucy Murray
  • Chinese Laundry Scene, directed by William Heise and William K. L. Dickson and starring Phil Doreto and Robetta
  • Chinese Opium Den (lost)
  • The Cock Fight
  • Cock Fight, No. 2
  • Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph, starring James J. Corbett and Peter Courtney
  • Cupid's Dance, starring Florence Ewer, Lenora Ewer and Mildred Ewer
  • Dance, starring Rosa France, Frank Lawton and Etta Williamson
  • Dance du Ventre
  • The Dickson Experimental Sound Film
  • Dogs Fighting
  • Edison Employee Picnic
  • Fancy Club Swinger, starring John R. Abell
  • Finale of 1st Act, Hoyt's 'Milk White Flag'
  • Fire Rescue Scene
  • Fred Ott Holding a Bird, starring Fred Ott
  • Fred Ott's Sneeze, starring Fred Ott
  • French Dancers
  • Glenroy Bros., (no. 2)
  • Hadj Cheriff, starring Hadji Cheriff
  • Highland Dance
  • The Hornbacker-Murphy Fight, starring Eugene Hornbacker and Murphy
  • Human Pyramid, starring Saleem Nassar
  • Imperial Japanese Dance, starring the Sarashe Sisters
  • Lady Fencers (With Broadswords), starring Louise Blanchard and Helen Englehart
  • Lady Fencers (With Foils)
  • Lasso Exhibition, starring Frank Hammitt and Lee Martin
  • Lasso Thrower (lost), starring Vicente Oropeza
  • Leonard-Cushing Fight, starring Jack Cushing and Mike Leonard
  • Luis Martinetti, Contortionist, starring Luis Martinetti
  • Man of a Thousand Faces, starring George Layman
  • May Lucas, starring May Lucas
  • Men on Parallel Bars
  • Mexican Knife Duel (lost), starring Pedro Esquivel and Dionecio Gonzales
  • Miss Lucy Murray, starring Lucy Murray
  • Mlle. Capitaine, starring Alciede Capitaine
  • Organ Grinder, No. 1
  • Organ Grinder, No. 2
  • Oriental Dance, starring Rosa
  • The Pickaninny Dance, from the 'Passing Show', starring Joe Rastus, Denny Tolliver and Walter Wilkins
  • Rat Killing
  • Rats and Terrier No. 2
  • Rats and Terrier No. 3
  • Rats and Weasel
  • Ruth Dennis, starring Ruth St. Denis
  • Sandow, starring Eugen Sandow
  • Sheik Hadji Tahar, starring Sheik Hadji Tahar
  • Sioux Ghost Dance
  • Summersault Dog, starring Lucy the Dog and Ivan Tschernoff
  • Sword Combat, starring Najid and Saleem Nassar
  • Topack and Steele, starring George W. Steele and George Topack
  • Toyou Kichi, starring Toyou Kichi
  • Trained Bears
  • Trapeze
  • Unsuccessful Somersault
  • Walton and Slavin, starring John Slavin and Charles F. Walton
  • Whirlwind Gunspinning, starring Hadj Lessik
  • The Widder, starring Isabelle Coe
  • Wonderful Performing Dog, starring Lucy the Dog and Ivan Tschernoff
  • The Wrestling Dog, starring Henry Welton
  • Wrestling Match

Films directed by other filmmakersEdit


Month Date Name Country Profession Died
January 3 ZaSu Pitts US Actress 1963
6 William Newell US Actor 1967
22 Matt McHugh US Actor 1971
February 8 King Vidor US Actor, Director 1982
14 Jack Benny US Comedian 1974
March 26 Will Wright US Actor 1962
May 2 Norma Talmadge US Actress 1957
20 Estelle Taylor US Actress 1958
26 Paul Lukas Hungary Actor 1971
June 16 Norman Kerry US Actor 1956
July 23 Arthur Treacher UK Actor 1975
25 Walter Brennan US Actor 1974
27 Mientje Kling Netherlands Actress 1966
29 Charles C. Wilson US Actor 1948
August 10 Alan Crosland US Director 1936
September 15 Jean Renoir France Director 1979
26 Gladys Brockwell US Actress 1929
27 Olive Tell US Actress 1951
October 7 Del Lord Canada Director 1970
20 Olive Thomas US Actress 1920
27 Agda Helin Sweden Actress 1984
November 9 Mae Marsh US Actress 1968
13 Nita Naldi US Actress 1961
December 8 Marthe Vinot France Actress 1974


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