1893 San Diego mayoral election

The 1893 San Diego mayoral election was held on April 4, 1893, to elect the mayor for San Diego. William H. Carlson was elected Mayor with a plurality of the votes.

1893 San Diego mayoral election

← 1891 April 4, 1893 (1893-04-04) 1895 →
Nominee William H. Carlson Adolph Gassen
Party Independent Republican
Popular vote 1,219 614
Percentage 46.8% 23.6%

Nominee A.E. Cochran John Kastle
Party Democratic Populist
Popular vote 465 210
Percentage 17.8% 8.1%

Mayor before election

Matthew Sherman

Elected Mayor

William H. Carlson





The 1893 election featured a field of five candidates. The Democrats, Republicans, and the People's Party each fielded one candidate. In addition to the regular parties, two independents also ran.[1]

Many of the candidates had long roots in the City of San Diego prior to the election. Adolph Gassen had previously held other elected office within the city. John Kastle of the People's Party had previously served as president of the Chamber of Commerce. A.E. Cochran had been active in Democratic Party.[1]

Independent candidate William H. Carlson campaigned vigorously, making numerous extravagant campaign promises, including electric car lines on every street, luxury hotels, steamship lines to every port on earth, transcontinental railroads, and jobs with high wages for all.[1]

On April 4, 1893, Carlson was elected mayor with a plurality of 46.8 percent of the vote, nearly twice as many votes as his closest competitor.[4]

Election results

San Diego mayoral election, 1893[4]
Party Candidate Votes %
Independent William H. Carlson 1,219 46.8
Republican Adolph Gassen 614 23.6
Democratic A.E. Cochran 465 17.8
Populist John Kastle 210 8.1
Independent James Friend 98 3.8
Total votes 2,606 100


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