1892 FA Cup Final

The 1892 FA Cup Final was contested by West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa at the Kennington Oval. West Bromwich Albion won 3–0, with goals by Alfred Geddes, Sammy Nicholls and Jack Reynolds. This was the first FA Cup Final in which goal-nets were used.

1892 FA Cup Final
Event1891–92 FA Cup
Date19 March 1892
VenueKennington Oval, London
RefereeCharles Clegg

Match detailsEdit

GK 1 Joe Reader
FB 2 Mark Nicholson
FB 3 Thomas McCulloch
HB 4 Jack Reynolds
HB 5 Charlie Perry
HB 6 Willie Groves
FW 7 Billy Bassett
FW 8 Roddy McLeod
FW 9 Sammy Nicholls
FW 10 Tom Pearson
FW 11 Alfred Geddes
Louis Ford
GK 1 Jimmy Warner
FB 2 Gershom Cox
FB 3 Walter Evans
HB 4 Harry Devey
HB 5 James Cowan
HB 6 John Baird
FW 7 Charlie Athersmith
FW 8 Billy Dickson
FW 9 John Devey
FW 10 Lewis Campbell
FW 11 Dennis Hodgetts
George Ramsay

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