1892 European Figure Skating Championships

The 1892 European Figure Skating Championships were held on January 24. Elite figure skaters competed for the title of European Champion in the category of men's singles.[1] The competitors performed only compulsory figures.

1892 European Figure Skating Championships
Type:ISU Championship
Date:January 24
Location:Austrian Empire Vienna, Austria-Hungary
Men's singles:
Austrian Empire Eduard Engelmann
1891 European Championships
1893 European Championships

The skating associations of Germany and Austria had joined to become, "Deutscher und Österreichischer Eislaufverband", and had organised these second European Championships in figure skating in Vienna, Austria in 1892, before the International Skating Union (ISU) was founded. The ISU then organised subsequent Championships.

Results Edit

Rank Name Places
1   Eduard Engelmann
2   Tibor Földváry
3   Georg Zachariades
4   Karl Kaiser
5   Josef Nowy
6   Gustav Hügel
7   Alfred Klement
8   Fritz Ahrendt
WD   Fritz Rehm
WD   Carl Sage


  •   Bieberhofer
  •   János Ehrlich
  •   C. Felgel
  •   Karl Fillunger
  •   M. Mitscha
  •   E. Schmidt
  •   L. Stickler
  •   A. Tuschel
  •   M. Wirth
  •   F. Wolff

References Edit

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