Events in the year 1888 in China.

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  • Sikkim expedition, an 1888 British military expedition to expel Tibetan forces from Sikkim in present-day northeast India.
  • March 12 — Qing government signed a treaty with the US banning Chinese laborers from entering the US in accordance with the Chinese Exclusion Act[2]
  • Lingnan University established in Canton, Kwangtung Province, China (now Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China). It was a private university established by a group of American missionaries in 1888
  • October 1 — The Scott Act (1888) signed into law, was a United States law that prohibited Chinese laborers abroad or who planned future travels from returning, met with opposition in China, especially Guangdong

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  • Zhan Dabei (1888, Hubei - 1927) was a Chinese revolutionary and politician. He was an anti-Manchu rebel active at the time of the 1911 Revolution

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