1873 Mississippi gubernatorial election

The 1873 Mississippi gubernatorial election took place on November 4, 1873, in order to elect the Governor of Mississippi. This election marked the last time a Republican was elected Governor of Mississippi until 1991, 118 years later.

1873 Mississippi gubernatorial election
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  Gen. Adelbert Ames - NARA - 527085.jpg JLAlcorn.jpg
Nominee Adelbert Ames James L. Alcorn
Party Republican Independent Republican
Popular vote 69,870 50,490
Percentage 58.05% 41.95%

Governor before election

Ridgley C. Powers

Elected Governor

Adelbert Ames

General electionEdit

In the general election, Republican Adelbert Ames, a U.S. Senator who previously served as governor from 1868 until 1870, defeated James L. Alcorn, also a U.S. Senator and former governor. Alcorn's estrangement from Ames, his northern-born colleague, deepened in 1871, as African-Americans became convinced that Alcorn was not taking the problem of white terrorism seriously enough; and, in fact, Alcorn resisted Federal action to suppress the Ku Klux Klan, contending that state authorities were sufficient to handle the task. By 1873 the quarrel had deepened into an intense animosity. Both men ran for governor. Ames was supported by the Radicals and most African Americans, while Alcorn won the votes of conservative whites and most of the scalawags. Ames won by a vote of 69,870 to 50,490. Alcorn withdrew from active politics in the state, emerging to assail the new governor as incapable and an enemy of the people of Mississippi.


Mississippi gubernatorial election, 1873[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Adelbert Ames 69,870 58.05
Independent Republican James L. Alcorn 50,490 41.95
Total votes 120,360 100.00
Republican hold


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