1871 Connecticut gubernatorial election

The 1871 Connecticut gubernatorial election was held on April 3, 1871. It was the fourth consecutive contest between the same two major party nominees. Former governor and Republican nominee Marshall Jewell defeated incumbent governor and Democratic nominee James E. English with 50.05% of the vote.

1871 Connecticut gubernatorial election

← 1870 April 3, 1871 1872 →
Nominee Marshall Jewell James E. English
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 47,473 47,370
Percentage 50.05% 49.94%

County results
Jewell:      50–60%      60–70%
English:      50–60%

Governor before election

James E. English

Elected Governor

Marshall Jewell

The race was extremely close, with English finishing ahead in the initial count. However, a canvassing committee found a series of English's votes to be fraudulent and had errors that caused them to be disqualified. An investigation into the votes in Cheshire also added 23 votes to Jewell's total. These events placed Jewell ahead in the vote count with a majority. Jewell would be declared the winner and be seated as governor several days into the next term, and inaugurated governor on May 16, 1871.

General election




Major party candidates

  • Marshall Jewell, Republican
  • James E. English, Democratic


1871 Connecticut gubernatorial election, initial canvass[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic James E. English (incumbent) 47,492 50.01%
Republican Marshall Jewell 47,450 49.97%
Other Others 17 0.02%
Majority 42
Democratic hold Swing
1871 Connecticut gubernatorial election, final results[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Marshall Jewell 47,473 50.05%
Democratic James E. English (incumbent) 47,370 49.94%
Other Others 14 0.01%
Majority 103
Republican gain from Democratic Swing


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