1870 America's Cup

The 1870 America's Cup was the first America's Cup to be hosted in the United States, and the first "America's Cup" due to the trophy being renamed from the 100 Guineas Cup of 1851. It was the first competition after the founding of the "America's Cup" event with the deed of gift in 1857.

1st America's Cup
Schooner Magic.jpg
Defender  United States
Defender club:New York Yacht Club
Yacht:17 schooners, including Magic
Challenger  United Kingdom
Challenger club:Royal Thames Yacht Club
Location:Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Winner:New York Yacht Club
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James Lloyd Ashbury's yacht Cambria sailed to New York on behalf of the Royal Thames Yacht Club.

The New York Yacht Club entered 17 schooners, and the race was won by Franklin Osgood's Magic.


Standing Yacht Cor. Time Notes
Winner Magic 3h58'21"
2nd Idler 4h09'35"
3rd Silvie 4h23'45"
4th America 4h23'51"
5th Dauntless 4h29'19"
6th Madgie 4h29'57"
7th Phantom 4h30'44"
8th Alice 4h34'15"
9th Halcyon 4h35'00"
10th Cambria 4h37'38"
11th Calypso 4h40'21"
12th Fleetwing 4h41'20"
13th Madeleine 4h42'35"
14th Tarolinta 4h47'29"
15 Rambler 4h48'33"